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Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

In the spirit of these words from Albert Einstein we hope you will find your creative destination among the pages of our “Arts & Leisure” offerings. Let our courses take you on your own artistic journey….where imaginative classes from Painting to Music are designed to excite, entertain and inform you!

Summer 2016

Introduction to CNC Routing with ShopBot® 
Learn to use the computer-aided drawing tool to precisely cut, carve. drill or machine all kinds of 2-dimensional designs.  Using specialized software you will be able to design your parts on a computer.  Then, like a robot, the computer will control cutters of your choice to create your parts.  By precisely moving the cutter through material, you can accomplish difficult woodworking tasks and make engraved carvings.  In this beginner's course, you will focus on working with wood, but the skills you learn can be applied to other media. 

Newtown Campus/$199 (plus $10 material fee payable to instructor)/ RFNRT 3326 C01
M-T-W-TH-F, 8/8-8/12, 10am -2 pm


Fall 2016

Getting the Perfect Shot

Let freelance photographer Tom DeLorenzo give you an in-depth look at camera operations, basic photographic technique, image composition and post-processing, to help you elevate your photographs from ordinary to extraordinary.  Sessions will rotate from the classroom to local shoot sites (weather permitting) to implement and practice those newly acquired skills over 4 projects.  Digital camera, capture media, and operations manual required for all sessions. Thomas DeLorenzo, AA.

Newtown Campus/ $179/ RFNRT 2585 C01
7 Tu, 9/20-11/1, 6:30-9:30pm

Informal Photographic Portraiture

Take your photography to the next level and enhance your skills.  If you took Getting the Perfect Shot, you will want to take this class. Get more out of your 35mm digital camera, flash and image processing program, while working in tandem with advertising and entertainment photographer, Tom DeLorenzo.  Course consists of 3 informal portrait projects that will take you from the idea to completion.  Projects:  studio, interior locations and exterior locations portraits.  All projects to utilize depth-of-field control and motion/panning techniques; on-camera flash synchronizations; and image processing.  A basic knowledge of digital capture is suggested. Students should bring their camera, flash and instruction manuals.   Thomas DeLorenzo, AA.

Newtown Campus/ $179/ RFNRT 2586 C01
7 Thu, 9/22-11/3, 6:30-9:30pm

Landscape Oil Painting                    Upper Bucks Campus

This is an introductory class in the study of landscape painting in oil. Students will be introduced to ways of simplifying the various shapes observed in the landscape, identifying light and shadow masses, how to achieve Arial perspective, observing and recording value relationships, creating texture, color harmony, identifying a focal point, and the use of various compositional tools employed to create a pleasing unified pictorial presentation. Drawing, painting techniques, brushwork, and materials will all be discussed. Reference photos will be used. The individual needs of each student will be addressed in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. All Levels Welcomed!  Note: Please bring whatever supplies you have and a supply list will be given out the first night of class.  Maggie Leiby

Upper Bucks Campus/$159/RFNRT 8022 C70
6 Thu, 9/22-10/27, 6-9pm

Watercolor – Basics & Beyond

Whether a beginner or advanced watercolor artist, this course will help you achieve sparkling highlights and luscious wet washes in this transparent, luminous medium. Students are encouraged to bring their own photographic reference materials. Emphasis will be on promoting creativity and the realization of the artist’s vision.  Note: Please bring whatever supplies you have and a supply list will be given out the first night of class. Gail Bracegirdle, B.F.A

Newtown Campus/ $159/ RFNRT 2530 C01
6 Tu, 10/6-11/10, 6:00-9:00pm

Pennswood Village*/$99/RFNRT 2531 CPV1
4 Fri, 10/14-11/4, 9 am - 12 pm

Painting with Passion: A Series of Fine Arts Courses at the Lower Bucks Campus

Learn the tools and techniques to perfect the art of watercolor painting! In this course you will learn a variety of “wet on dry” methods used to achieve some remarkable watercolor results.  Techniques in splatter, stipple, scrumbling and dry brush will be explored along with principles such as balance, contrast, emphasis/focal point and scale - among others. A great opportunity for beginners to develop their watercolor art skills!  
Note: Please bring whatever supplies you have (paper, paint, brushes, notebook and color wheel) and a supply list will be given out the first night of class.
Rose Marie Strippoli
About the Instructor: Rose Marie Strippoli is an award winning artist who currently belongs to a variety of local Bucks County artist groups. She has studied at Bowling Green and Jacksonville Universities, Bucks County Community College , and Lorain County Community College, and has attended workshops around the world. Her acrylics, enamels, watercolors and handbuilt pottery, have garnered numerous awards and ribbons. In 2012 Rosemarie received special recognition from the Ohio Watercolor Society for having 10 paintings accepted into their juried shows. In the 2013 Pennsylvania Watercolor Show, she received an award for “Creative Expression” by well-known artist and judge Frank Webb. Visit her web site at

Lower Bucks Campus/$159/RFNRT 8024 C50
6 Tu, 9/15-10/20, 6:30-9:30 pm


Alla Prima Painting

The artist Cecilia Beaux was advised by seascape artist Alexander Harrison to take up plein air painting to help her portrait and figure painting.  The idea was to quickly render the subject before the subject moved or the environment changed. Premier coup and All prima painting is painting that is completed generally in one to two sittings with minimal touch-up. You will learn the necessary techniques to complete a painting in a short time period without over analyzing from a still life setup.  Emphasis will be on a quick interpretations color, technique, and composition. Note: Please bring whatever supplies you have and a supply list will be given out the first night of class.  Larry Chestnut, B.A.

Newtown Campus/ $159/ RFNRT 2526 C01
6 Tues, 9/27-11/1, 6-9 pm

Oil Painting – Express Yourself

Is your inner artist bursting to come forth? With individual attention, you will learn different methods of manipulating oil paints, basic drawing concepts, and develop your own style of painting.  The creativity of beginning and more advanced students alike will be drawn out as you concentrate on color theory, color mixing, composition, and special problems in oil painting.  Note: Please bring whatever supplies you have and a supply list will be given out the first night of class. Larry Chestnut, B.A.

Newtown Campus/ $159/ RFNRT 8025 C01
6 Th, 9/29-11/3, 6:30-9:30 pm


Oil PaintingTechniques for Beginners       Lower Bucks Campus

Students will learn oil painting techniques for a variety of subject matter including still lifes, landscapes and portraits. No prior experience is necessary and students of all skill levels are welcome. Students will examine the visual elements of painting such as color, light, line, shape, space, texture and composition. The course is designed to improve students’ visual vocabulary and handling of materials through a combination of classroom assignments and homework projects.  Note: Please bring whatever supplies you have and a supply list will be given out the first night of class.
Richard Gabriele, M.F.A.

Lower Bucks/ $159/ RFNRT 8027 C50
6 Wed, 9/14-10/19, 6:30-9:30pm

Drawing From Life                                       Lower Bucks Campus

This course offers students the opportunity to develop fundamental drawing skills as well as awareness of visual vocabulary such as light, tone, line, texture, space and composition.  The goal is to build proficiency in describing form, light and space with charcoal and graphite on paper.  Subjects to be drawn include the figure, still life, landscape and interiors. Coursework includes both classroom assignments and homework assignments.  Note: Please bring whatever supplies you have and a supply list will be given out the first night of class.  Richard Gabriele, M.F.A.

Lower Bucks/ $159/ RFNRT 8032 C50
6 Tu, 10/18-11/22, 6:30-9:30pm


Painting from Photographs                               Upper Bucks Campus

Participants are given opportunities to evolve artistically.  Uninterrupted supportive open studio time is without parallel, providing a safe enjoyable place where ideas can be given form.  The average number of paintings completed is often two and sometimes three.  This is for new, not so new, quite expierenced, and 'too busy with work and family,' painters. Participents develop creative, and technical skills while making choices during the process of conceptualizing good reference material, starting a painting, making it work and moving  towards completion. A chosen photograph is interpreted using the student artist's medium of choice.  Aesthetic judgment, conversations and productive studio practices are cultivated. Some find this a needed 'me time' part of their week. Note: Please bring whatever supplies you have.  Ann Woolsey

Upper Bucks Campus/ $159/ RFNRT 2532 C70
6 Tu, 9/13-10/18) 6-9 pm

Stained Glass – Not Just For Windows!

Let the light shine through! Students will learn the basic techniques of glass cutting, foiling, and soldering.  Students will choose a pattern and make 1 or 2 complete projects to take home.  Supply list will be available the first night of class, estimated cost of supplies $80-$90) Dan Burstein

Newtown Campus/$210 RFNRT 0408 C01 (includes cutter and board)
8 Fri, 9/9-11/4 (no class 10/21), 6-8:30 pm

Stained Glass – Intermediate Techniques

Further your skills in glass cutting, foiling, and soldering and designing your own patterns.  For students ready to move on to more complex projects. Choose a pattern and make 1 or 2 complete projects to take home. Students provide own tools, glass, and soldering iron. Dan Burstein

Newtown Campus/ $189/ RFNRT 0456 C01
8 Fri, 9/9-11/4 (no class 10/21), 7:30-10 pm


The Art of Collage Workshop

The world of collage is like no other medium.  It challenges the beginner artist as well as the more accomplished artist.  It offers versatile materials, exciting visual effects and enormous expressive potential.  In this workshop you will explore the combination of mixed media and collage to create a finished art work.  Bring your creativity!  Danielle Cargas

Newtown Campus/ $69/RCEGN 8853 C01
Sat, 10/8, 10 am - 3 pm


Turn Wool Sweaters into Lined Mittens     NEW

Learn how to take wool sweaters and turn them into beautiful fleece lined mittens that will keep hands warm throughout the winter. Makes a great gift or enjoy for yourself. This class will include simple stitches that can be learned, pattern and everything you need to make a pair of mittens.  Marian Bolum

Newtown Campus/$49 (plus $10 materials fee payable to instructor)/ RFNRT 5014 C01
Sat, 12/10, 9 am – 12 pm



Guitar for the Adult Beginner         

The less experienced you are the better! Learn to play chords and simple strumming patterns as well as easy blues scales and get started playing the guitar. In just eight weeks you will learn how to play some simple songs such as “Back In Black” by AC/DC, “Bad Moon Rising” by CCR, or “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath. No experience reading music necessary! Must provide own guitar.  Don Leffler, B.M.

Newtown Campus/ $120/ RMUSC 1168 C01
8 Mon, 9/19-11/14 (no class 10/31), 6:30-7:30 pm


Guitar for the Adult Beginner, Continued

This course picks up where “Guitar for the Adult Beginner” leaves off. Still a class for the beginner, it is also ideal for returning students as well as those who feel they aren’t a beginner but aren’t ready for anything too intense. Minimal experience is required. Completion of “Guitar for the Adult Beginner” is not mandatory. Must provide own guitar.  Don Leffler, B.M.

Newtown Campus/ $120/ RMUSC 1169 C01
8 Mon, 9/19-11/14 (no class 10/31), 7:45-8:45 pm


Playing the Djembe Drum, the Tradition Rhythms of West Africa     Level I

The Djembe drum is the very popular goblet shaped hand-drum from West Africa.  This class will start with the basics of hand drumming stressing technique and clarity of notes.  We play multi part African rhythms where each drum plays a different pattern.  Together the drummers create rich and interesting percussion music.  The most important skill learned is listening to the other instruments and keeping in time, playing together.  Playing in a tight drum circle is a transcendent experience and lots of fun with many proven health benefits. Drums are also available for purchase and the rental fee can be applied.  Jim Davidson

Newtown Campus/$149 (There is a one-time drum rental fee of $35, payable to instructor, waived if you bring your own full size djembe) (11” head minimum)
RMUSC 1194 C01
4 Tu & 4 Thu, 9/6-9/29, 6-8pm

(Senior Discount does not Apply)


Playing the Djembe Drum Level II

This class builds on "Playing the Djembe Drum, the Traditional Rhythms of West Africa."  We strengthen the skills learned in the first section and add more advanced rhythms and techniques including: Echauffement variations, call variations, bell parts, and smoothly moving between rhythm parts.  Jim Davidson

Newtown Campus/$149 (There is a one-time drum rental fee of $35, payable to instructor, waived if you bring your own full size djembe) (11” head minimum)
RMUSC 1504 C01
4 Tu & 4 Th, 9/27-10/20, 6-8 pm
(Senior Discount does not Apply)


Harp Therapy

Research indicates that music, most especially harp music, has a positive effect on the body, mind and emotions. A music background, while helpful, is not necessary. More important is your desire to play beautiful music on a beautiful instrument. Harps are available for rent or purchase. Please call Bedside Harp directly at 215-752-7599 to arrange for an instrument prior to the first class. Classes are kept small to assure individualized attention. Enrollment is limited to 6 students per section. There is a one-time $125 materials fee for new students which include text, music and handouts. Edie Elkan, B.A.

All sessions will be held at Bedside Harp,
6318 Neshaminy Valley Drive, Bensalem, PA / $399 (plus $125 materials fee payable to instructor)/ Contact Bedside Harp for times and dates. 

Learn to Play the Folk Harp for Your Own Healing

RMUSC 1130 CA1

Learn to Play the Folk Harp Beginner Level II

RMUSC 1131 CA1

Learn to Play the Folk Harp - Intermediate

RMUSC 1135 CA1

Private Music Lessons

Private music lessons are offered by special arrangement with Continuing Education’s professional instructors.  For registration and/or information, please call 215-968-8409 (Option #1). The following lessons are available through continuing education:

Newtown Campus Fees:   

• Six half-hour lessons $135

• Six one-hour lessons $255

• Twelve half-hour lessons $255

• Twelve one hour lessons $495

Lessons are available for the following instruments:

• Banjo

• Clarinet   

• Flute  

• Guitar   

• Oboe

• Piano

• Saxophone

• Percussion

• Violin 

• Voice

• Trombone/Euphonium