Arts & Leisure

Fall 2015

Getting the Perfect Shot

Let freelance photographer Tom DeLorenzo give you an in-depth look at camera operations, basic photographic technique, image composition and post-processing, to help you elevate your photographs from ordinary to extraordinary.  Sessions will rotate from the classroom to local shoot sites (weather permitting) to implement and practice those newly acquired skills over 4 projects.  Digital camera, capture media, and operations manual required for all sessions. Thomas DeLorenzo, AA.

Newtown Campus/ $179/ RFNRT 2585 C01
7 Tu, 9/22-11/3, 6:30-9:30pm

Informal Photographic Portraiture

Take your photography to the next level and enhance your skills.  If you took Getting the Perfect Shot, you will want to take this class. Get more out of your 35mm digital camera, flash and image processing program, while working in tandem with advertising and entertainment photographer, Tom DeLorenzo,.  Course consists of 3 informal portrait projects that will take you from the idea to completion.  Projects: studio, interior locations and exterior locations portraits. All projects to utilize depth-of-field control and motion/panning techniques; on-camera flash synchronizations; and image processing.  A basic knowledge of digital capture is suggested. Students should bring their camera, flash and instruction manuals.  
Thomas DeLorenzo, AA.

Newtown Campus/ $179/ RFNRT 2586 C01
7 Thu, 9/24-11/5, 6:30-9:30pm

Landscape Oil Painting

Upper Bucks Campus

This is an introductory class in the study of landscape painting in oil. Students will be introduced to ways of simplifying the various shapes observed in the landscape, identifying light and shadow masses, how to achieve Arial perspective, observing and recording value relationships, creating texture, color harmony, identifying a focal point, and the use of various compositional tools employed to create a pleasing unified pictorial presentation. Drawing, painting techniques, brushwork, and materials will all be discussed. Reference photos will be used. The individual needs of each student will be addressed in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. All Levels! A Supply List is available upon registration. Students may use what supplies they already have on hand.  Maggie Leiby

Upper Bucks Campus/$159/RFNRT 8022 C70
6 Thu, 9/10-10/15, 6-9pm

Paint Like an Impressionist –  Introduction to Palette Knife Painting        

Upper Bucks Campus

This is an introductory class in the study of Palette Knife painting in oil.  Students will be introduced to the exciting technique of palette knife painting which helps create paintings that sing with a vibration of color and texture in a painterly Impressionistic manner.  The various mediums used to facilitate the application of paint, as well as, the proper sequence of paint application will be discussed.  Each class will begin with a demo and explanation of the painting process supported by the use of handouts.  Working from life through still life set ups, as well as, working from landscape reference photos will be explored. Drawing, painting techniques, color theory, composition, and materials will all be discussed. The individual needs of each student will be addressed in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. All Levels!  A Supply List is available upon registration.  Students may use what supplies they already have on hand. Maggie Leiby

Upper Bucks Campus/$89/RFNRT 8023 C70 & C71

C70/ 3 Tu, 9/22-10/6, 6-9 pm
C71/ 3 Tu, 10/20-11/3, 6-9 pm

Watercolor – Basics & Beyond

Whether a beginner or advanced watercolor artist, this course will help you achieve sparkling highlights and luscious wet washes in this transparent, luminous medium. Students are encouraged to bring their own photographic reference materials. Emphasis will be on promoting creativity and the realization of the artist’s vision. Bring what supplies you have for the first class.  A supply list is available the first day of class. Gail Bracegirdle, B.F.A

Newtown Campus/ $159/ RFNRT 2530 C01
6 Tu, 10/6-11/10, 6:00-9:00pm

Painting with Passion: A Series of Fine Art Courses                 

Lower Bucks Campus

Watercolor Techniques I
Learn the tools and techniques to perfect the art of watercolor painting! In this course you will learn a variety of “wet on dry” methods used to achieve some remarkable watercolor results.  Techniques in splatter, stipple, scrumbling and dry brush will be explored along with principles such as balance, contrast, emphasis/focal point and scale - among others. A great opportunity for beginners to develop their watercolor art skills! 
Rose Marie Strippoli

Lower Bucks/ $159/ RFNRT 8024 C50
6 Tu, 9/15-10/20, 6:30-9:30pm

Alla Prima Painting

The artist Cecilia Beaux was advised by seascape artist Alexander Harrison to take up plein air painting to help her portrait and figure painting.  The idea was to quickly render the subject before the subject moved or the environment changed. Premier coup and All prima painting is painting that is completed generally in one to two sittings with minimal touch-up. You will learn the necessary techniques to complete a painting in a short time period without over analyzing from a still life setup.  Emphasis will be on a quick interpretations color, technique, and composition.  Note: Bring whatever material you have. Larry Chestnut, B.A.

Newtown Campus/ $159/ RFNRT 2526 C01
6 Tues, 9/22-10/27, 6-9 pm
Approved Hours: 18 (Act 48)

Oil Painting – Express Yourself

Is your inner artist bursting to come forth? With individual attention, you will learn different methods of manipulating oil paints, basic drawing concepts, and develop your own style of painting.  The creativity of beginning and more advanced students alike will be drawn out as you concentrate on color theory, color mixing, composition, and special problems in oil painting.  Note: Bring whatever materials you have. Larry Chestnut, B.A.

Newtown Campus/ $159/ RFNRT 8025 C01
6 Th, 9/24-10/29 6:30-9:30 pm

Painting from Photographs

Upper Bucks Campus

Turn your favorite photos into paintings! Create beautiful works of art using the media of your choice: watercolor, acrylic or oils. Choose subject matter from favorite photos, and turn them into masterpieces. Have fun while learning in an open studio workshop atmosphere. Please bring your art supplies to class. Ann Woolsey

Upper Bucks Campus/ $199/ RFNRT 2570 C70
8 Tu, 9/15-11/10 (no class on 10/13) 6-9 pm
Approved Hours: 24 (Act 48)

Stained Glass – Not Just For Windows!

Let the light shine through! Students will learn the basic techniques of glass cutting, foiling, and soldering.  Students will choose a pattern and make 1 or 2 complete projects to take home. Dan Burstein

Newtown Campus/ $189 (plus $90-100 materials fee payable to instructor)/ RFNRT 0408 C01/
8 Fri 9/18-11/13 (no class on 10/16), 6-8:30 pm
Approved Hours: 20 (Act 48)

Stained Glass – Intermediate Techniques

Further your skills in glass cutting, foiling, and soldering and designing your own patterns.  For students ready to move on to more complex projects. Choose a pattern and make 1 or 2 complete projects to take home. Students provide own tools, glass, and soldering iron. Dan Burstein

Newtown Campus/ $189/ RFNRT 0449 C01/
8 Fri 9/18-11/13 (no class on 10/16), 7:30-10 pm
Approved Hours: 20 (Act 48)

Re-Purpose Wool Sweaters to Lined Mittens

Learn how to take wool sweaters and turn them into beautiful fleece lined mittens that will keep hands warm throughout the winter. Makes a great gift or enjoy for yourself. This class will include simple stitches that can be learned, pattern and everything you need to make a pair of mittens. Marian Bolum

Newtown Campus/$49 (plus $10 materials fee payable to instructor)/ RFNRT 5014 C01
Sat, 12/5, 10-1pm

Taking Your Camera Out of Automatic

Over the course of three two hour sessions, the students will become comfortable using their camera in manual.  Aperture, shutter, and ISO settings will be covered. Homework, in-class assignments and photo critiques will be used to strengthen course topics. Students will leave this class comfortable in using their camera to achieve their desired photos. Jodie Smola, M.A.

Upper Bucks Campus/ $69/ RFNRT 2577 C70, C71 & C72
C70/ 3 Sat. 9/19-10/3, 10 am-12 pm
C71/ 3 Sat. 11/7-11/21, 10 am -12 pm
C72/ 3 Thu, 10/8-10/22, 12-2 pm

Mobile Photography Seminar

Over the course of a two hours, the students will learn valuable techniques to improve their photography, investigate new mobile apps for creative inspiration and test their newly acquired skills in the classroom setting. Jodie Smola, M.A.

Upper Bucks Campus/$39/ RFNRT 2591 C70, C71 & C72
C70/ Sat, 10/17 10 am-12 pm
C71/ Thu, 11/12, 1-3 pm
C72/ Sat, 12/5, 10 am-12 pm