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Entrepreneurship Certificate 

Boost your chances of success for your new or small business and reduce your risks. Get the latest on planning your business, brainstorming business ideas and a success checklist, learn how to create a business plan, then take home a step by step approach to attract and keep customers, with an emphasis on customer-driven marketing decisions and building a strong brand. At the end of this certificate, you will be able to identify the abilities required of successful entrepreneurs and how to acquire them, develop goals to help establish your business, develop an outline for your plan, and take home techniques to successfully manage and market your new business.

Three one-month online courses / $495 total for all 3 courses and certificate (Must register for all three classes at the same time to get the bundled price.)

Courses required for certificate:

  • Entrepreneur Boot Camp
  • The Business Plan
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing

Entrepreneur Boot Camp

At the end of this course, you will be able to identify the abilities required of successful entrepreneurs and how to acquire them, develop goals to help establish your business, develop an outline for your plan, and take home techniques to successfully manage your new business. Conrad Brian Law
Online one month course / $195 / ESBEN 0210 C30/ 2/2-2/27; C31/ 4/6-5/1

The Business Plan

In the online Business Plan course, you will discover the basics of the entrepreneurial planning process culminating in the development of an early-stage business plan.  By preparing your business concept, building your plan, and evaluating your business for feasibility, you gain knowledge critical for business start-up and development.   A practical, hands-on approach encourages you to immerse yourself in the vision, research, and planning aspects of your new venture. Mary Beth Izard
Online one month course / $195/ ESBEN 0219 C30/ 3/2-3/27; C31/ 5/4-5/29

Entrepreneurial Marketing

This course offers you a step by step approach to attract and keep customers, all within a realistic budget. With an emphasis on customer-driven marketing decisions, you will learn how to build a strong brand, analyze which tactics to use, and implement your marketing plan. Whether you are starting a business or growing an existing one, you will take away practical marketing tips and tools that you can use to improve your marketing efforts. Kathy Nadlman

Online one month course / $195 / ESBEN 0222 C30/ 4/6-5/1


Entrepreneurship Finance Certificate

Finance is a key to entrepreneurial success. The lack of financial knowledge about business and business start-ups is also and one of the leading causes of failure for entrepreneurial ventures. As an entrepreneur, you have limited time, and you certainly have limited resources. So knowing where to put your valuable time, and your limited resources, is critical to the success of your new venture. 

$195 each/ take all three for $495  Must take all three courses for certificate. Must register for all three at the same time to get the bundled price.

Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers   

Every successful person in the workplace utilizes financial information to aid effective decision making. Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers explains the financial concepts and accounting processes used in most businesses and will provide practical techniques that will increase your effectiveness and career. Get a foundation to understand the seven steps in the accounting cycle and use financial information in decision making.

Online/ $195/ ESBEN 0225 C30/ 2/2-2/27; C31/ 4/6-5/1

Cash is King

Cash is arguably the most important factor in business success. D&B reports 90% of all small business failures are due to poor cash flow—more money gets paid out than collected. It is the non-financial manager who really makes a difference in the day-to-day cash activities. Discover how to maximize cash flow, learn the importance of cash and find out your role in cash flow success.

Online/ $195/ ESBEN 0224 C30/ 3/2-3/27; C31/ 5/4-5/29

Funding Your Business

What does it take to have a financially feasible business? The short answer is Money! But, where does this money come from? Come explore your business’s financial feasibility in three areas—start-up or expansion, profits, and cash. Then, you will explore potential debt and equity sources of funds to help support these areas and create a financially successful venture.
Online/ $195/ ESBEN 0223 C30/ 4/6-5/1

Google +

Google+ has surpassed Twitter to become the second largest social network next to Facebook. Discover the best ways to use this popular and emerging social media platform to raise your online profile, and connect with current and potential new contacts. You’ll learn the advantages of using Google+, how it can help your organization to engage existing users and grow your base, and techniques for using the platform to create relationships, and expand your reach and knowledge in particular subject matter areas.

Online/ $195/ ESMCE 0221 C30/ 4/6-5/1

Google Analytics

If you are not reviewing your website statistics, then you are missing several key opportunities to profit from your website traffic. This course, aimed at non-technical users, will take you through all the key techniques on how to use website analytics using the world-standard Google Analytics, a free, online tool. You’ll understand your visitor traffic better, learn how to calculate return on investment (ROI) for your online advertising, and find out how to get more conversions and sales from your website visitors. A must for anyone serious about leveraging more success from their website.

Online/ $195/ ESMCE 0214 C30/ 3/2-3/27; C31/ 5/4-5/29

Instagram for Business

With over 100 million users, Instagram is a marketing gold mine. Discover ways to have your audience generate excellent content for you. Build your community while doing it. Learn how to make hashtags work for you, how to make and keep your followers happy and how a small input can cause exponential growth. We’ll also explore Dos and Don’ts of Instagram to get you on the fast track to success. Make the most of Instagram and lead your business to unending exposure. An android or iOS device is needed to take full advantage of the exercises in this class.

Online/ $195/ ESMCE 0224 C30/ 2/2-2/27; C31/ 4/6-5/1

Certificate in Customer Research

Your customers hold the key to the future success of your organization. You can find out what your customers know by engaging and interacting with your customers. Find out how to get feedback, information and even answers from your customers. With our low and no cost methods of customer research, you will discover new techniques for collecting information that will improve your organization’s products or services, promotion and marketing, and even bottom line finances. Whether you work in a for-profit or nonprofit environment, our 8 stage needs assessment model will give you a step by step proven approach to researching and selecting new services, products or activities.

Online/ $395/ ESMCE 0220
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