Fall 2017 Continuing Education

Foreign Language

In a relaxed, supportive atmosphere, learn to communicate by using simple grammatical structures and useful phrases related to travel, business, and more. A dash of culture and current events will be included.

Course I: For beginners only, for students who have no experience with the foreign language.

Course II: For students who have completed Course I, or who have a basic knowledge of the foreign language.

Course III and beyond: Sequel courses will continue to be offered as long as there is sufficient interest.

Mandarin Chinese
Greg Tang, M.S.

Newtown Campus/$170 (plus $25 book fee; $32 CD optional; same book for all levels)
Course I: RLANG 0568 C01
6 Mon, 9/18-10/23, 6:30-9 pm   

Course II: RLANG 
6 Mon, 11/13-12/18, 6:30-9 pm   

David Arcangeli, B.A. B. Th

$234 (plus $20 book fee, same book for all levels)
Newtown Campus
Course I: RLANG 0209 C01
10 Tu, 9/12-11/14, 7-9:30

Course II: RLANG 0214 C01
10 Tu. 11/21/17-1/30/18, (no classes on 12/26) 7-9:30 pm

Lower Bucks Campus
Course I: RLANG 0209 C50
10 Thu, 9/14-11/16, 7-9:30 pm

Carmen Violeta Vicente

Newtown Campus/$195 (plus $30 book fee same book for all levels)
Course I: RLANG 0405 C01
8 Mon, 9/25-11/13, (no class 10/31) 6-8:30 pm

Course II: RLANG 0406 C01
8 Mon, 11/20-1/29/18 (no class 12/25, 1/1 & 1/15/18) 6-8:30 pm

Course III: RLANG 0407 C01
8 Wed, 9/27-11/15, 6-8:30 pm 6-8:30 pm

Course IV: RLANG 0408 C01
8 Wed, 11/22-1/17/18 (no class 12/27)) 6-8:30 pm

Advanced Spanish Conversation, Reading and Grammar
Maria Perez, M.Ed.

For the moderate Spanish speaker to improve skills in reading, listening, and speaking with an emphasis on pronunciation. You will explore different themes in Hispanic culture, politics, lifestyles, headline news, history, traveling and more. A textbook will be used to review specific areas of grammar as needed. New and continuing students are welcome! 

Newtown Campus/$200 (plus $15 book fee)
Course I: RLANG 0419 C01
10 Tu, 9/19-11/21, 6:30-8:30 pm 

Natalie Paulus, B.S.

Newtown Campus/$200 (plus $30 book fee payable to instructor)
Course I: RLANG 0001 C01
10 Thu, 9/21-11/30 (no class 11/23) 6:30-8:30

Course III: RLANG 0003 C01
10 Tu, 9/19-11/21 6:30-8:30