For more information on Hypnotherapy and Certified Harp Therapist & Certified Master Harp Therapist contact:

Maryann Brennan, Director, Continuing Education
(215) 968-8104 or coned@bucks.edu

Certified Hypnotherapist / Hypno-Counselor

Online/On Site Hybrid

Please note: All Sunday classes will be held off campus.
Learn About It For FREE
Join Dr. Holder for a free, fun and informative demonstration Thur, 1/15; 7-9pm
Call 215-968-8409 (Option #1) & register for XSMCE 1050 C01

Bucks welcomes you to call Dr. Holder personally at 215-493-1204 for a course description and/or no-obligation enrollment consultation.

  • Learn to hypnotize
  • Help people achieve goals with hypnosis
  • Prepare for a profitable career
  • Develop broad base skills in the science of hypnosis

Who should enroll?

  • Those seeking a new career or wishing to enhance their current career
    • Physicians
    • Therapists
    • Psychologists 
    • Psychotherapists
    • Dentists
    • Marketing Professionals
  • Anyone with an interest in helping others.

Added Benefits of certifying through Bucks County Community College

  • “FREE” - 1-year support 
  • Hands-on practice with volunteers
  • Ability to repeat course as refresher for “FREE”

Approx. 360 hrs home, web & classroom.
Hybrid/$1,795/ WSMCE 5232 C20
Online/ Sa, 1/24, 11am-2pm; Wed, 1/28, 6-9pm; Wed, 2/4, 6-9pm; Sa, 2/21, 11am-2pm; Sa, 3/7, 11am-2pm; Wed, 3/11, 6-9pm; Wed, 3/25, 6-9pm; Wed, 4/8, 6-9pm; Sa, 4/25, 11am-2pm; Sa, 5/9, 11am-2pm 
Last 3 days at BodySmart Wellness, Sa, Sun, & Mo, 5/16-5/18, 10am-6pm

Materials for Basic Certification: $695 if purchased 10 days in advance (retail value $939.95). Complete Student Library including all materials for basic & advanced course - $695
(Retail Value $1,489.95) Materials purchased through Bodysmart Wellness 215-493-1204

Graduates eligible to enroll in the “Advanced Master Level Hypnotherapy Certification Program”
Instructor: Dr. Philip Holder 
Certified by The International Association of Counselors & Therapists, International Medical, Dental Hypnotherapy Association, National Guild of Hypnotists, National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists & others. Dr. Holder has won numerous awards for his contributions to hypnotherapy.

Advanced Master Hypnotherapist / Hypno-Counselor Certification

70 hrs (45 in class/25 home)
Exciting Advanced Course: Regression, Abreaction, Past Lives, Practice Management, Forensic Hypnosis, Pain Management, Hypnosis for Childbirth, Working with Fears & Phobias, Enhancing Intuitive & Creative Ability, Performance Enhancement, Sexual Dysfunction, Hypno-Analysis, Memory Enhancement & more. Set yourself apart from the rest!  Call Dr. Holder at 215-493-1204 for details today. Dr. Philip Holder

Prerequisite: Basic Certification from approved provider
Newtown Campus/$695 for graduates of BodySmart Wellness LLC, The International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association, and Bucks County Community College certificate program; $1,195 for students with certificates from other training programs
WSMCE 5253 C20/  (Hybrid)
Sa, 1/31, 11am-3pm; Sa, 2/7, 11am-3pm; Wed, 2/18, 11am-3pm; Wed, 2/25, 11am-3pm; Sa, 3/14, 11am-3pm; Sa, 3/28, 11am-3pm; Sa, 4/4, 11am-3pm; Sa, 4/18, 11am-3pm; Wed, 4/22, 11am-3pm; Wed, 4/29, 11am-3pm; Sa, 5/2, 10am-6pm

(Students will have the option of attending the classes at BodySmart Wellness or online via Citrix GoToMeeting. If the student elects to do it online, a volunteer must be with them for each class.)

Certified Hypnotherapy/ Hypno-Counseling Instructor

Attention Certified Hypnotherapists... If you have advanced certification in Hypnotherapy, you may be eligible to become a Certified Hypnotherapy/Hypno-Counseling Instructor with Bodysmart Wellness, LLC, and The International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Assoc., through Bucks County Community College. No matter where you live, anywhere in the world, you could become part of our team as a certified instructor in this wonderful field in your home area. Call Dr. Holder at 215-493-1204 for details today.

WSMCE 5254 C20/ Online/ $695/ Sa, 4/11,  Su, 4/12,  and Mo, 4/13; 10am-5pm each day

(Students will have the option of attending the classes at BodySmart Wellness or online via Citrix GoToMeeting. If the student elects to do it online, a volunteer must be with them for each class.)