Courses for Nonprofits

Program Evaluation for Nonprofits

Enhance your understanding of program evaluation within the nonprofit context.  Find out how to improve your evaluation planning, data collection, data analysis and data use.  Special attention will be paid to the real-world challenges that organizations may face when conducting evaluation, including staff time, costs and reporting evaluation results to funders. By the close of the course, you will have a complete program logic model and evaluation plan ready for implementation.

Online/ $245/ ESMCE 4341 C30/ 9/3-9/27

Revenue Generation for Nonprofits

Revenue streams are essential to expand your services.  Discover how to increase revenue from your current activities. Develop strategies for building new ones.  Know how to effectively set prices or fees. Understand the 20% that generates 80% of your revenue. These are basic concepts that will yield greater results.  After taking this course you will have the knowledge to improve your revenue generation and generate a better surplus.

Online/ $495/ ESMCE 4340 C30/ 9/3-10/25