Good Vibrations - An Introduction to Sound Therapy

Sounds and vibrations affect us in innumerable ways.  We’ll begin this workshop/experiential with a slide presentation on and discussion of the effect of sounds and vibration on our bodies, minds and spirits.   Participants will learn how to use their own voices to heal themselves and then relax into a virtual sound bath where they will experience the vibrations of the harp, Himalayan bowls, bells, rainsticks, drums and a number of other sound instruments. Afterwards participants will have an opportunity to play the instruments themselves.  Edie Elkan, B.A., M.A.
Newtown Campus/ $59/ WSMCE 4030 C01/     Sa, 4/20 / 9 am-noon

For more information on Hypnotherapy, Certified Harp Therapist, Certified Master Harp Therapist  and Reiki Levels I and II, contact:
Maryann Brennan, Director Continuing Education at:  (215) 968-8104,  or email