Reiki Level I

Relieve stress, revitalize your body and energize your life with the ancient art of Reiki! A non-invasive, powerful tool for natural healing, Reiki energy transfer can help you eliminate fatigue, tension, and pain, accelerate healing, promote tranquility, and increase awareness. You will learn how to transfer Reiki energy by relieving energy blockages in the body. You must attend all classes to receive a Certificate of Completion.
$115 (includes manual)
RHEAL 0100 C01 & C70, 6:30-9:30 pm

Newtown Campus/ C01/ 3 Thur, 9/18-10/2 
Rev. Glenda R. Smith, Certified Reiki Master Teacher

Upper Bucks Campus/ C70/ 3 Thur, 10/30-11/13
Glenda Smith, Certified Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki Level II

Take a “Quantum Leap” in Reiki power in Level II! As your Reiki power strengthens, you will learn how to transmit energy over any distance and time, penetrating the time-space barrier. You will apply Reiki to ideas and situations, send Reiki to loved ones, address unwanted habits and enhance your talents. You must attend all classes to receive a Certificate of Completion.
Rev. Glenda R. Smith, Certified Reiki Master Teacher

$115 (includes manual)
RHEAL 0102 C01  & C70

Newtown Campus/ C01/ Fri, 12/12, 6:30-9:30 pm
& Sa, 12/13, 9 am-6 pm

Upper Bucks Campus/ C70/ 4 Wed, 11/5 & 11/12; 6:30-9:30pm
11/19 & 12/3 (no class 11/26), 6:30-8:30pm


Reiki Level III – Advanced Reiki Training

Deepen your Reiki practice; receive three additional cleansing symbols, learn about the seven chakras and how they are related to Reiki cleansing treatments, the use of crystals in your Reiki practice, learn techniques for providing Reiki healing attunements. Students MUST have completed both Reiki I and Reiki II to register. Crystal Widmann, Reiki Master/Teacher

Newtown Campus/ $255 (plus $35 materials fee paid to instructor)/RHEAL 0123 WB1/ Fri, 11/7, 6pm-9pm & Sa, 11/8, 9am-4pm