This 42-hour certificate program provides an overview of the aging population in America. It is designed to benefit healthcare practitioners or individuals who work in programs and services for the aging, including nurses, social workers, nursing home administrators, counselors and clergy. This program can also be beneficial to personal caregivers and for people who are interested in exploring the geriatric field. The certificate is awarded upon completion of four required and two elective courses. You may register for an individual course, even if you do not wish to complete the entire program.  Mary Ann DuGan, B.S. - view her bio

Newtown Campus/ $179 per course

Required Courses

I:   Health and Aging
II:  Medical Options and Choices in Aging
III: Life Choices as We Age
IV: Memory and Thought in the Aging - Alzheimer's Disease

  A. The Specifics of Death and Dying
B. Grandparenting
C. Spirituality and Sexuality
D. Identity Theft and other Personal Safety Issues for Older Adults

Course I: Health and Aging

This course will provide an overview of illnesses and conditions impacting the lives of older adults living in the United States. The class will also review the effects of aging and coping mecha­nisms of individuals, family and friends as they go through life.

WHPAH 0009 WB1/ Sat., 2/8/14

Course II: Medical Options and Choices in Aging

This course will explore the various aspects of aging related to medical options, such as housing, care and services. In addition, it will include directives such as living wills, power of attorney, health insurance and more in preparing for the future.

WHPAH 0026 WB1/ Fall 2014

Course III: Life Choices as We Age

This course will explore careers, volunteer op­portunities, housing, travel programs, finances, healthy living practices, as well of the many posi­tive and exciting options that the aging have in their current lives.

WHPAH 0008 WB1/ Fall 2014

Course IV: Memory and Thought in the Aging – Alzheimer’s Disease

Nearly 50% of all persons over 85 years of age show symptoms of Alzheimer and related dementia disease processes. Gain an understanding of memory and thought processes, the causes of breakdown in these functions and the various methods of intervention and treatment.

WHPAH 0004 WB1/ Sat., 3/8/14


A. The Specifics of Death and Dying

This course will review the process of aging and how all of us experience crisis, long term care health concerns, and death in one way or another. The purpose of this course is to address the multiple details that often times catch us off guard. Decisions regarding living wills, powers of attorney, long term placement, finances, funeral arrangements, etc, are often made on short notice at a very emotional time. Many of the “specifics” were not even options years ago. However, with the increase in life expectancy and improvements in technology, it is necessary to educate and become more comfortable with such details.

WHPAH 0024 WB1/ Sat., 4/12/14

Course B:   Grandparenting

This course will analyze Grandparenting in the 21st century. It will include styles, roles, stereo­types, intergenerational programs and family dy­namics related to Grandparenting.

WHPAH 0023 WB1/ Fall 2014

Course C: Spirituality and Sexuality

This combined class will review two less explored areas of aging. Both have significant impact on the quality of life. Sexuality and spirituality for older adults is changing in the 21st century. Definitions and stages of both will be defined separately.  Common myths along with healthy and unhealthy practices will be addressed. Various factors of influence and quality of life will be discussed.  This unique elective course explores the overall older adults’ experience with very personal areas of their lives.

WHPAH 0021 WB1/Sat, 12/7/13, 9am - 5 pm

Course D: Identify Theft and Other Personal Safety Issues for Older Adults

This course will reveal how older adults are often targets of scams, fraud, and threats to personal safety.  As this population of Americans increases, any and all threats must be recognized and sufficient information shared among potential victims, their family, friends, emergency response personnel, and the public. This class will analyze known threats and explore potential new ones. It will review preventative/defensive measures and educate on how to best respond personally and practically to these events.

WHPAH 0025 WB1/Sat., 11/23/13, 9am - 5pm

To register please call 215-968-8409, select option #1.  For additional information, please contact Janet Baker, Director of Allied Health at 215-968-8324 or email