Priority Advising Checklist

Step 1 - Read

Read your April 1st BucksMail message titled "Spring 2014 Priority Registration."

  • Note your first day of Priority Registration Eligibility.

Step 2 - Access

Access advisor contact information using Finding Advisors by Major on the web at

  • Departmental Faculty Advising opens on Monday, November 4, in faculty offices.

Step 3 - Connect

Connect with a Faculty Advisor by doing one of the following:

  • Go to an Advisor’s office door to sign up for an appointment on the Yellow Poster  or
  • Phone or Email the Advisor to set up a time to talk or
  • See Walk-in Priority Advising Options

Step 4 - Prepare

Prepare for your advising appointment:

  • Log in to Web Advisor.
  • Print and review your Program Evaluation for the degree you are seeking.  If changing your major, be sure to complete and submit a Change of Major form.
  • Review your Student Educational Plan in Web Advisor.
  • List courses that you would like to take on the Course Planning Worksheet.
  • See Web Advisor -> Search for Sections to develop your class schedule (choose your sections).
  • Write sections chosen on your Course Planning Worksheet .

Step 5 - Meet

Meet with an Advisor to discuss your course selections and to obtain your advising approval code. 

Bring your Program Evaluation and Course Planning Worksheet with you when you meet with an advisor.