Guidelines for Connecting via Email with a Bucks Advisor or Counselor

  • When using email to communicate with Bucks staff members about matters related to your student life, use your BucksMail account.
  • When seeking advising or counseling services, in-person interaction is preferable to email interaction. However, there are times when it may be more convenient to connect via email than to come to a Bucks campus.
  • and are two sources designed to help connect you with these services. Feel free to pose your advising or counseling questions to these emails.
  • Propose your advising or counseling questions and you will receive a response within three business days. A Generalist Advisor or Counselor will review your email.
  • Receiving an advising approval code for registration as a result of this interaction is not guaranteed as some questions are unanswerable via this method and may be required to be discussed with your academic department faculty advisor.
  • To protect your privacy, do not include your social security number with your email question. Refrain from including personally identifying information.
  • We will not send information regarding your personal student record via email. You can view your Bucks academic records using Web Advisor.
  • If you have any difficulty connecting with Advising and Counseling Services via email, we are happy to try and help you via phone. Please call 215-968-8189.