Climate Reality Project Presentation Writing Prompts

The Climate Reality Project's slide show was made famous in the film An Inconvenient Truth (2006).  Created and continually updated by former Vice President Al Gore, the slide show offers the latest science on climate change, including conclusions supported by 97% of the world's climate scientists, presented for a lay audience.  Topics covered include the cause of global warming, historic data on temperature changes in the U.S. and worldwide, historic data on frequency of severe flooding, draughts and fires, as well as projections for the remainder of the century.  There are also photos and videos that illustrate the floods, draughts and fires which are increasingly common worldwide.

Steve Bacher, a member of the college's Sustainability Team, offers The Climate Reality Project's slide show at least once per semester on campus.  He is also available to present  the slide show or parts of it by appointment.  The slide show can be adjusted to focus on particular areas by request.  It can be offered with different levels of detail and breadth as a 90-minute, 60-minute or 30-minute presentation, or even shorter if needed.  Contact Steve Bacher at 215-504-8543 or by email.

Instructors are welcome to send their students.  There will be a sign-in sheet for students seeking extra credit.

Suggested writing prompts

Astronomy – What part does astronomy play in the presentation? Was the science presented clearly and accurately? How or how not?

Critical Thinking – Is the presentation logical?  What are the strengths and weaknesses of the argument?

Cinema/Video – Discuss the video of the flood rescue.  What are its strengths and weaknesses? How does it support or detract from the overall presentation?

Economics – What economic arguments are made to support the overall presentation? Are they effective? How are they or are they not effective?

Education – At what age should the concept of climate change be introduced to children? Why?

Effective Speaking – Critique the presenter.

Environmental Science – How does this presentation differ from most of the material we have covered in class so far?

Ethics – How has this presentation changed your idea of ethical behavior?

Health (all):  According to the presenter, what are the impacts of climate change on human health?

History – Is history used effectively in the presentation? How could it be better used to support the argument?  What are examples of history being used well in the presentation?

Graphic Design – Discuss the climate reality project’s logo – is it a good encapsulation of the message of the presentation?  Are the other graphics used effective? How could they be more effective? What are their strengths?

Journalism – How does the content of the presentation differ from what you would expect a respectable journalist to say?

Marketing – Do you agree or disagree with the presenter’s comparison between marketing for clean coal and marketing for cigarettes? Why?

Persuasive Communication – Was this presentation effective in persuading the audience? Why or why not?

Photography – the presentation has x photos out of y slides.  Are the photos effective in supporting the argument of the presenter? How could they be more effective?  What are their strengths?

Political Science – Discuss the presentation as it relates to the topics we have been focusing on in this course.  Do you think it is likely that the United States will “put a price on carbon”? Why and when, or why not?

Psychology – What are the obstacles to making decisions based on long-term consequences?  Does the presentation effectively move the audience toward long-term thinking?

Science (all): What scientific methods support the data and conclusions of this presentation?  What are their strengths and weaknesses?

Social Services – Is use of fossil fuels an addiction?  Why or why not?