Strategic Directions

Student Success

Strategic Direction 1:  Establish high rates of student success as evidenced by learning outcomes, goal attainment, persistence, transfer, graduation, employment rates, and employer satisfaction.

Goal 1.1:   Improve student persistence towards graduation.

Goal 1.2:  Target efforts to support students’ entry to and success in the workplace.

Goal 1.3:  Increase transfer of applicable credit through transfer planning advisement.

Goal 1.4:  Promote and support college readiness through collaboration with high schools.

Premier Learning Environment

Strategic Direction #2:  Provide a learning experience built on academic quality and rigor, supported by excellence in technology and an engaging learning and extracurricular environment.

Goal 2.1:  Expand instructional reach and support services through technology.

Goal 2.2:  Ensure that existing facilities and infrastructure provide an environment conducive to learning.

Goal 2.3:  Engage students in consistent, high quality, and innovative learning experiences.

Goal 2.4:  Provide programs and services that attend to the individual in light of a large, growing, and geographically dispersed population.

Agility and Responsiveness

Strategic Direction #3:  Remain competitive through innovative and accessible programs and services that respond to student, market, economic development, and workforce needs.

Goal 3.1:  Ensure that programs develop 21st century skills among students, faculty and staff.

Goal 3.2:  Improve communication throughout the college and community.

Goal 3.3:  Expand access.

Goal 3.4:  Address the growing need for educated workers to support a knowledge-based economy.

Goal 3.5:  Recognize and reward creative and innovative solutions that advance the mission of the college.

Growth and Resource Management

Strategic Direction #4:  Through innovation and creative planning, effectively manage growth, increase revenue, and maximize resource potential.

Goal 4.1:  Leverage high performing programs and areas of excellence.

Goal 4.2:  Determine capacity for enrollment growth and optimize use of resources.

Goal 4.3:  Increase awareness of Bucks as a desirable and viable college option, training partner, and cultural center for a diverse and growing population.

Goal 4.4:  Become a leader among community colleges in sustainable practices.