How did you become part of the Bucks family? Share stories about your favorite professors or spots on campus, events you have attended, or any way Bucks has had an effect on your life.

Alumni Testimonials

"BCCC helped me to discover what I was meant to do with my life - teaching."

-          Carol Kulik ‘07


"Bucks opened up the world for me, introduced me to the world of ideas and, most of all, taught me how to think."

-          Steve Vender ‘70


"Bucks County Community College is where I found my love of chemistry through Dr. Michaelina Lee’s teaching; she inspired me to pursue my doctorate in the field."

-          Dr. Carol A. Roach ‘02


"Bucks helped prepare me well for achieving my BS at NC State University and gave me a life-long mentor in my advisor, Blaine Greenfield."

-          Clayton MacCormac ‘93


"As a soon to be bachelor's degree graduate I would like to thanks Bucks County Community College because it would not have been possible without this amazing school's help. I was a fish out of water when I first started there and frankly I drowned a few times but BCCC was always there when I finally found my breath again. I not only received my Associates in Social Work, from Bucks County Community College, I also found my confidence. The college life is not the only place you are forced to take tests because life is has always and will always test us. Through my class room experience and my interactions with staff and students I believe I am a more confident and thoughtful person. College isn't just an opportunity to learns facts and gain a piece a paper. It is a way to learn about yourself and BCCC allows you to do that at your own pace (and at an awesomely great price.) I graduated class of 2012 and about two months ago I went back and bought a sweater from their gift shop. I wear it all the time at Temple because I am a proud graduate of Bucks County Community College."

-          Sammie Johnson, '12


"BCCC was crucial in my transition from being an unfocused 30-something adult. Bucks prepared me for the move on to university and an undergrad degree! There is no way I can properly thank the school and my peers in PTK."

-          John T. Carpenter ’91, PTK


"Looking back, I can only think fondly of the music faculty at bucks, and how supportive they were in helping me become a better musician."

-          Anabelle Corrigan ‘13


"BCCC Theatre Department teachers Kay Mengers and David Dean sent me to further study at the University of Utah, where I molded a career in Acting, Puppetry and Stage Crafts and found the love of my life."

-          Craig T. Adams ‘72


"The faculty, resources and transfer programs at Bucks are outstanding! Bucks gave me the confidence to pursue a career in teaching, that I love! Currently teaching 3rd grade and working on my Masters of Education at LaSalle."

-          Alison Montemarano, '09


"Bucks provided me with access to scholarships and the opportunity to pursue a 4 year degree at an excellent institution."

-          Brett Diakon, '00


"The Bucks faculty members were great in the classroom, but more importantly they told me about jobs and internships, encouraged me and served as professional references."

-          AnnMarie Ely ‘10


"My children were going to end their education with high school, but when I went back to earn my degree they decided that if an old guy like me could do it, so could they. I now have an MBA!"

-          Andy Staiger ‘00


"My educational experience at BCCC led to my professional success today by enabling me to grow personally and build the academic confidence I needed to enter a four year school."

-          Connie M. Stopyra ‘91

Community Member Testimonials

“BCCID believes that providing a scholarship to students with disabilities or planning to serve those with disabilities is an important service to residents to Bucks County. By making these scholarships available to students attending BCCC assures that deserving residents of Bucks County can attend school locally and ultimately serve the residents of the county.”

-          David Rogers, President, Board of Directors-Bucks County Council for Individuals with Disabilities


“The Bristol Borough PBA recognizes the fact that education is a critical element in providing the community with better police officers who are intelligent, proficient, and effective. Detective Charles C. Favoroso epitomized these three elements of police work and  left an indelible impression on those who were fortunate enough to have worked with him. It is only fitting and appropriate that his name be used in conjunction with this scholarship to help provide the best police officers possible for the town that he loved, his hometown of Bristol Borough. At Bucks County Community College’s Bristol Campus, Criminal Justice students are fortunate to have an excellent program that is cost effective and is in close proximity to help them achieve their goals. We hope that every Criminal Justice student at Bucks accomplishes their goals.”

-          Bristol Borough Police Benevolent Association


"What an honor that we were able to honor our favorite Aunt and Mother by establishing scholarships in their names!!! The Bucks County Community College Foundation facilitated this for us. With their assistance, what was general conversation among four sisters became a reality. Their guidance and support was focused on the best way to allow us to pay tribute to these wonderful women."

-          "Scurry"


"They enable those who most need the assistance to pursue an academic opportunity that can help them advance in their lives and career choice. The college serves a diverse area but especially the lower end of the county which has a great need for their services."

-         "Dave61"