Frequently Asked Nursing Questions


  1. I understand that there are Program specific policies. How would I find out about these policies?

    The AD Nursing Student Handbook 2014-2016‌ contains valuable information about policies and the nursing program as a whole. 

  2. Why did I get a letter stating that my major is 1002: Liberal Arts General Emphasis when I applied to 2035: Nursing?

    All students must submit an official high school transcript. If you have not submitted one, you will receive a letter from the Office of Admissions requesting that you do so. Not having a transcript on file is one reason that your major may not be changed immediately. Once we have your transcript, we need to be sure that you have completed work equivalent to a standard high school program with a minimum of 16 units (a unit is the equivalent of a year's worth of study)

    These requirements are:
    • 4 Units of English
    • 3 Units of Social Studies
    • 2 Units of Science:
      • 1 year of Chemistry with a grade of "C"/70% or better
      • year of Biology with a grade of "C"/70% or better
    • 2 Units of Math with a grade of "C"/70% or better - one must be algebra
    If you are missing any or all of the above requirements, this would be another reason that you would not be automatically accepted into the Nursing major. Students who are lacking any of the main criteria listed above will work to complete those requirements as a Nurse Potential under the Liberal Arts: General Emphasis major. Once requirements have been met in full, you must re-submit a Change of Major form to the Office of Admissions and your major will officially be changed to Nursing. This change is done in the Fall. At that time, you are eligible to apply for the Clinical Component of the Nursing Program.

  3. I received a letter requesting that I send my high school transcript; however, I went to Bucks before so you must have my transcript already.

    Students cannot assume that, just because they have requested their transcript, the Office of Admissions has received it. In most cases, it takes approximately two weeks for high schools to forward this document to the Admissions Office. If you have requested a transcript in the past, the Admissions Office may have the document; however, it is not certain that the high school sent the documents when requested. It is always best to check with the Office of Admissions to confirm that your transcript has been received. To check on the status of your high school transcript you can contact Donna Marchini, Application Specialist, at 215-968-8122.
  4. If I was missing courses in high school but took them at Bucks or another college, would those count toward the high school requirements needed to be accepted into the Nursing major?

    Yes. If you were missing requirements, stated above and in your catalog, for acceptance into the Nursing major but you took them at Bucks or another college and received a "C" or better, those courses would be considered. Below is a listing of what courses you would need to satisfy your missing requirement.

    English Writing Assessment Score of "6" or COMP 107: Introduction to Rhetorical Skills with a "C" or better
    Social Studies PSYC 110: Introduction to Psychology or SOCI 110: Introduction to Sociology or a course listed under Cultural Perspectives in your College catalog
    Math Math Assessment Score of "5" or MATH 095: Basic Algebra with a "C" or better
    Biology BIOL 181: Human Anatomy & Physiology
    Chemistry CHEM 101: Chemistry A
  5. If I have a foreign transcript, will my high school requirements be met?

    If you submit an official copy of your foreign transcript, along with the required copy of your transcript evaluated by an outside agency, the Admissions Office will consider those courses listed on the foreign transcript for credit. Please note that the foreign transcript must be in English and a copy of the official, evaluated, agency copy verifying that the student has achieved the equivalent to US high school diploma must be submitted before any foreign courses will be considered.
  6. Will you accept a copy of my foreign transcript, not evaluated by an outside agency, showing the high school courses I took?

    In order to fulfill the requirement of your official high school transcript, your foreign transcript MUST be evaluated by an outside agency. A listing of appropriate agencies, as well as contact information, is available in the Office of Admissions as well as the Office of Multicultural Student Services.
  7. I received a letter from Admissions stating that I was missing one of the following high school requirements:

      Social Studies
    X Chemistry
  8. If Chemistry is the only course checked, does that mean the other requirements have been met?

    Yes. You need complete only the courses that have been marked by the Admissions Office.
  9. When can I apply to have my major changed to Nursing again and how should I go about doing that?

    Once you have completed this course with a "C" or better you must resubmit a Change of Major form to the Admissions Office; and, since all requirements have now been met, your major will be changed to Nursing: 2035.
  10. If I have not satisfied the high school biology requirement, can BIOL 101 (Biological Science) be used to meet that requirement?

    BIOL 101 with a "C" or better can be used to satisfy the high school biology requirement; however, you must still take BIOL 181 and BIOL 182 as part of your Nursing Program of Study requirements.
  11. If I am currently enrolled in a course that will satisfy a high school requirement that I lack, can my instructor write a letter stating that I will receive a final grade of a "C" or better so that my major can be changed to Nursing in order to be considered for the Clinical Component of the Nursing Program before the deadline?

    No. Admissions cannot accept a letter from a professor stating an impending grade. A final grade of "C" or better must be posted before your major can be changed to Nursing.
  12. How will transfer credits affect my application for the Clinical Component of the Nursing Program?

    Following is the list of admission requirements for conditional acceptance into the Clinical Component of Nursing:
    1. Currently enrolled in the College, and have taken the three assessment tests
    2. Met all high school requirements
    3. Curriculum Code of 2035 (Nursing)
    4. Have a grade of C or better in ALL courses required in the Nursing Program of Study, taken before applying for admission into the Clinical component of Nursing. All required courses, with a grade of less than C, taken prior to entry into the clinical component of the Nursing Program MUST be repeated before acceptance into the clinical component.
    5. Have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 at BCCC. If additional seats are available a sliding scale will be used to accept students with a GPA of minimally 2.0.
    6. NLN-RN Pre entrance exam Raw Score of 100/50th percentile (55th preferred) or above, or ACT of 20 or above or SAT of 900 or above (critical reading and math). NLN Examination must be completed by the November testing deadline. All applicants must have an official score (in order to be deemed official, document must be sent directly from issuing institution, The College Board, to Admissions and postmarked by the December Clinical Application deadline and posted on WebAdvisor.
    7. After meeting all of the following criteria, students who are Bucks County residents and have completed the highest number of credits in the Nursing Program of Study at BCCC with a final grade of C or better will be considered first.

    As opposed to transfer credits, BCCC credits can be earned by taking prior courses over again through our College or by completing testing (such as CLEP exams) through the LLEAP office.

    It is recommended that you discuss these guidelines and options with a Nursing Advisor, the Director, Associate Degree Nursing, or the Assistant Academic Dean of Health, Physical Education & Nursing. If, after discussing your previous coursework with a nursing advisor, you would like your transcript(s) to be reviewed for potential transfer credit, please fill out the Transcript Evaluation Request Form- for Nursing students, and have your official transcript(s) mailed to the Office of Admissions at BCCC, attention Lizanne Watts.

  13. I received a letter from Admissions saying that I was accepted into the Nursing Major - 2035. What should I do next?

    Your acceptance letter instructs you to make an appointment with a Nursing advisor. In the event that an advisor is not available, you may also meet with the Director, Associate Degree Nursing or the Assistant Academic Dean of Health, Physical Education and Nursing. If you have not done so already, you will need to take this step. Once you meet with an advisor, a detailed listing of "next steps" will be discussed with you. Your letter also included instructions on applying to Clinical Component of the Nursing Program. Please be sure to read over this list of instructions and contact your Nursing advisor should you have any questions.

  14. Which Nutrition course do I need?

    Beginning with Summer 1 Session of 2009, the Nutrition course must be taught by a Registered Dietician to meet Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing Rules and Regulations.

Program/Clinical Component

  1. When are the Clinical Components of the Nursing Program offered?

    Nursing I and III are offered in the fall semester. Nursing II and IV are offered in the spring semester.
  2. When is the deadline for clinical applications?    

    Applications for Fall 2015 will be accepted from Tuesday, October 14, 2014 - Monday, December 15, 2014.
  3. How do I apply for clinical?

    Application for the Fall 2015 will be available October 1, 2014. Applications will be available at the Newtown Campus, Penn Hall 4th Floor, Upper Bucks Campus, Lower Bucks Campus and online   
  4.  How many seats are available during any given year?

    Number of seats offered will depend on the number of clinical site and faculty available.
  5. Where are the clinicals offered?

    Clinicals are offered at Bucks County hospitals and surrounding areas.
  6. What are the criteria to be accepted into the Clinical Component of the Nursing Program?

    The current catalog lists several criteria that need to be met in order to be considered for the Clinical Component of the Nursing Program. It is recommended that you discuss these guidelines with a Nursing Advisor, Director, Associate Degree Nursing, or the Assistant Academic Dean of Health, Physical Education & Nursing.
  7. Do I have to take the NLN-RN Pre-Entrance Exam?

    Yes. You will have to take the NLN-RN Pre-Entrance Exam if your SAT score is not available or you took the SAT and your combined score (critical reading and math) was less than 900, or an ACT score under 20.
  8. When and where is the NLN-RN Pre-Entrance Exam offered? How do I sign up for it?

    The NLN-RN Pre-Entrance Exam is offered through the Bucks CCC Testing Center at 215-968-8460. Students must register at least two (2) weeks prior to the exam. View the Testing Center's NLN Testing web page for specific information on dates and times as well as registration deadlines and fees.
  9. Is there a way that I can prepare for the NLN-RN Pre-Entrance Exam?

    You can purchase the NLN Review Guide for the RN Pre-Entrance Exam at the BCCC Bookstore and at local bookstores. Current information on the review guide is available at