Stanley Timek

Stanley Timek
photo of Stanley Timek
  • STC 2016/2017, Arts, Multimedia
  • Academic Credentials: BA Mass Communication, Computers & Information Systems - King's College ; MS Instructional Technology - Bloomsburg University
  • Office: 108
    Phone: 215 968 8099

Courses Taught

  • COMM111:
  • VACV135:
  • VACV140:
  • VACV145:
  • VACV231:
  • VACV232:
  • VAFA250:
  • VAMM100:
  • VAMM120:


I have had the pleasure of working in live TV directing multi-camera productions, creating corporate videos, and working on documentaries. My career has also included interactive media projects such as commercial CD-ROMs, tradeshow kiosks, Internet sites, corporate virtual worlds (think Second Life with a purpose!), and DVDs. I even get to dabble in print work every now and then. My projects have successfully trained, assisted, and entertained hundreds of thousands of people due to my appreciation of narrative and context in everything I do. Other people focus on objects and things to make a solution "pretty" when really it's the story that makes for success.

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