Michael Serfes

Michael Serfes
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Courses Taught

  • SCIE101: Physical Science
  • SCIE103: Physical Geology


ABOUT THESE COURSES: These courses are introductory and there are no prerequisites needed to participate in them. You will learn some new terminology and gain a solid understanding about science and the topics we cover. I will clearly define what you need to study to prepare for examinations and complete homework assignments, as well as when they will take place and are due. You will be required to complete 4 homework assignments (100 points total) and take 4 examinations (400 points total). The exams are not cumulative and you can drop your lowest exam score. Your final score will be the total of all homework and exam points divided by 4. COURSE MATERIALS: An assigned text book is used, and, I will provide my power points to you for each chapter topic we cover. WHY TAKE A SCIENCE COURSE?: Science is the study of nature guided by the principle that the universe we live in is regular and predicable. It may come as a surprise to you, but, we are all scientists in the sense that we constantly make predictions based on our experience. In many cases, that experience is basically an application of physics. For example, we all know that if we fall we can get hurt and that the bigger you are the harder you fall (momentum), also, if you touch something hot you’ll get burnt (2nd law of thermodynamics) and if you let go of a balloon filled with helium, it will rise (buoyancy). We know these things by experience, but if asked, we may have trouble explaining the how and why. Taking classes in basic science can open your eyes to the workings of the world around you, making your life more rich. ABOUT ME: I really enjoy teaching Science. I am a hydrogeologist with over a quarter of a century of professional and academic experience. During that time, I have worked as a geochemical soil sampler and laboratory supervisor in Maine, as a geological field mapping assistant in the Western Chugach Mountains of Alaska, as a liability seismologist and hydrogeologist for a consulting firm in Pittsburgh, as a hydrogeologist/Research Scientist 1 for the New Jersey Geological Survey, where for 23 years, I investigated, managed projects, published and presented information and results about important ground-water quality issues. I have taught at BCCC for over a 17 years and recently obtained my PhD in Geology from Rutgers University with a focus on naturally occurring arsenic in ground water. I also taught at Rutgers University, New Brunswick for 3 years. My student evaluations have always commended my excellent teaching skills, clearly defined goals and fairness to students. CONTACT INFORMATION: Email, serfesm@bucks.edu with any questions you have about the class, please place "Physical Science" or “Physical Geology” in the subject field. I hope to see you in class.

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