Joseph Erickson

Joseph Erickson
photo of Joseph Erickson
  • Professor, Mathematics,
  • Academic Credentials: BS, Applied Mathematics & Physics, CSULB; MS, Applied Mathematics, CSULB; PhD Candidate, Mathematics, Drexel University.
  • Office: Founders Hall 221B
    Phone: (215) 968-8315 Ext: 8315
  • Home Page:

Courses Taught

  • MATH090: Prealgebra
  • MATH095: Basic Algebra
  • MATH101: Mathematical Concepts I
  • MATH102: Mathematics for Educators I
  • MATH103: Intermediate Algebra
  • MATH115: Elementary Statistics
  • MATH120: College Algebra
  • MATH122: Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry
  • MATH125: Precalculus Mathematics
  • MATH140: Calculus I
  • MATH141: Calculus II
  • MATH215: Elementary Statistics II
  • MATH242: Calculus III
  • MATH250: Differential Equations
  • MATH260: Linear Algebra


A native Californian, I double-majored in mathematics and physics, with a minor in chemistry, at California State University, Long Beach. After earning my Bachelor's degree I went on to graduate school where I successfully postponed entering the "real world" for a few more years and obtained an M.S. in Applied Mathematics. Then in 2000 I moved out to Pennsylvania and taught part-time at Montgomery County Community College until joining the BCCC faculty at the Department of Mathematics, Computer & Information Science as a full-time instructor in 2002, teaching anything from Math 090 to Math 260. In Fall 2014 I began a PhD program at Drexel.

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