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Aurora Hill
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  • Part-Time Faculty, Psychology,
  • Academic Credentials: A.A. Montgomery County Community College; B.A. Temple University; M.Ed. Temple University; Ph.D. Institute of Transpersonal Psychology; First Year at Bucks: 2001
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Aurora Hill teaches at a variety of psychology courses at Bucks County Community College. She is an intellectual property specialist and manager of the Trademark and Infringement Group in the Office of the General Counsel at Educational Testing Service. In addition, she founded Heartstone(, a company that invites awareness of transpersonal, ecopsychology, Native American Indian, and feminine perspectives. Her teaching style integrates traditional and non-traditional approaches with a focus on experiential and mindfulness practices, guided journaling and the works of Angeles Arrien. Dr. Hill has authored numerous works such as A Woman’s Moon-Time Journal, The AnimalTeacherTMJournal for Children and The Secret of Freedom: A Family's Unfinished Business. Her doctoral dissertation was entitled: Joy Revisited: The Experience of JOY through the Women of One Native American Indian Community. Her current research interests include the intuitive inquiry research method, innovative teaching and somatic recognition practices and positive experiences such as joy and creativity.

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Philosophy of Education Statement

All learning is rooted in experience. Adult learners enter the higher educational arena with a diverse range of skills, abilities, attitudes, and expectations. The choice to pursue education beyond high school is a significant and important decision that is often filled with apprehension whether a fear of failure and sometimes even a fear of success. Educators optimistically anticipate that each student will embark on this endeavor with open-mindedness, a zest for learning, a thirst for knowledge, and an understanding of the relevance of life-long learning and its beneficial connection with health and well-being. In my experience, this ideal is nurtured by the educator’s intention to provide responsible guidance, direction, and inspiration.

To participate in the teaching tradition is to accept a solemn and sacred responsibility to renew the passion that each student innately possesses and to encourage an eagerness for a life-long learning process of discovery, reflection, integration, and re-discovery. Although this is a worthy pursuit, it is not an easy endeavor, given diverse learning styles and the multi-faceted challenges of course delivery using ever-changing technology to enhance learning.

As a veteran educator, I am dedicated to creating safe, risk-taking learning environments using innovative teaching techniques and modalities that integrate the requirements of the educational institution with the development of essential skills for the personal growth of each student. I endeavor, by example, to encourage each student to embrace life-long learning as a daily practice which enhances the quality of their lived experiences, encourages thoughtful reflection, promotes personal empowerment, develops awareness of the multi-dimensional aspects of interpersonal relationships, and prepares each student for responsible community participation.

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