Linda Kanner

Linda Kanner
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  • Adjunct, Sociology & Social Work, Social & Behavioral Science
  • Academic Credentials: Master of Social Work, University of Pennsylvania; Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, Brandeis University. Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Pa. & NJ. Academy of Certified Social Workers
  • Office: Grupp Hall 313
    Phone: (215) 504-8500
  • Office Hours:
    By Appointment

Courses Taught

  • SOCI110: Introduction to Sociology
  • SSWK110: Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare
  • SSWK111: Case Management and Documentation/CAC
  • SSWK115: History of Alcoholism and Addiction
  • SSWK120: Social Services - Interviewing, Assessment, and Referral/CAC
  • SSWK130: Ethical Issues in Addiction Treatment/CAC
  • SSWK140: HIV/AIDS and Addiction/CAC
  • SSWK150: Introduction to Family Dynamics in Addiction/CAC
  • SSWK165: High-Risk Youth
  • SSWK171: Sexual Orientations - LGBT Issues in Counseling/CAC
  • SSWK211: Struggles with Intimacy/Co-Dependency/CAC
  • SSWK215: Loss and Grief
  • SSWK230: Intervention Strategies/CAC
  • SSWK235: Multi-Cultural Issues in Counseling
  • SSWK250: Family Therapy with Addicted Families/CAC
  • SSWK255: Drugs, Alcohol, Violence, and Crime
  • SSWK265: Mental Health and Addiction - Dual Diagnosis/CAC


Along with teaching at BCCC and other area colleges,(Temple, Holy Family, Rider, TCNJ, Holy Family, etc.) I have also been practicing as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for the past 31yrs. I have worked in many different settings, from schools to hospitals to family services centers. I provide direct therapy to individuals of all ages, as well as couples and families. I also facilitate various types of support groups and educational groups. I have taught at BCCC for the past 23 years. I live in Bucks county with my husband and we have seven children and two dogs.

Shared Resources

I truly enjoy the subjects I teach. Even after almost 35 years of studying Sociology I always look forward to introducing it to my students and opening their eyes to this fascinating subject. Sociology plays a large role in helping us to understand the world around us. And as a social worker - I am able to teach social work utilizing my 31 years of experience. I try to avoid straight lecture and encourage my students to internalize the ideas and theories of these subjects. Providing this new "lens" via discussions, audio visuals and exercises helps students learn more effectively and be able to share their experiences and learning.

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