Deborah Sedik

Deborah Sedik
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  • Associate Professor, Psychology,
  • Academic Credentials: BA, MEd, MS, Lehigh University
  • Office: 224
    Phone: (215) 968-8095 Ext: 8095

Courses Taught

  • PSYC110:
  • PSYC180:
  • PSYC181:
  • PSYC215:
  • PSYC230:
  • PSYC280:


Learning should be fun! I teach psychology online, conventional face to face and hybrid courses (mix of face to face & online). All courses share the goal of granting the learner a better understanding of self, others and our world. Courses are geared toward student success & actively engage students, encouraging friendships and collaboration. Classes are void of rote, boring lectures as they encompass student opinions and experiences. We don't just learn what to think but HOW to think and apply these skills to a variety of topics. Career Bio (Past)- * High School Guidance Counselor * Mental Health & Mental Illness Presentations * Behavioral Consultant (Mental Health) specializing in Autistic Spectrum Disorders * Research Theses & Presentations: Identity Development, Virtual and Non-Virtual * Publication: Career Exploration and Choice * Set up, maintenance and supervision of experimental design labs * Professional and Educational Trainings re: Multicultural Diversity

Shared Resources

Many videos and live websites that reinforce topics being learned in the classroom. Use of personality and career assessments. Host sites in Bucks and Montgomery Counties that grant service learning and internship opportunities.

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