John Rosella

John Rosella
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  • Professor Emeritus, Psychology, Social & Behavioral Science
  • Academic Credentials: PhD, Clinical Psychology, Walden University; MEd, Counseling Psychology, Temple University; Certification, Education, St. Joseph's University; BS, Psychology, Villanova University; Licensed Psychologist; Clinical Member, AAMFT; Fellow, ACFE; Fellow, PPA
  • Office: Founders Hall 209
    Phone: (215) 504-8500 Ext: 6014
  • Office Hours:
    By Appointment

Courses Taught

  • PSYC100: Psychology of Personal Awareness
  • PSYC110: Introduction to Psychology
  • PSYC125: Psychological Techniques of Stress Management
  • PSYC280: Psychology of Abnormal Behavior
  • READ090: Introduction to College Reading
  • READ110: College Reading and Study Strategies


I am the first born child of Italian Immigrants. My parents settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania prior to World War II. They were loving but strict disciplinarians. What they lacked in formal education they more than made up for in their knowledge of the world and "how to survive" skills. This was passed on to me and has been a motivating factor in the development of my philosophy of life. They encouraged education because they lacked the opportunity in their native country. They loved the United States of America and all of the opportunities it provides but could not understand why many American born individuals do not avail themselves of this countries many riches. They instilled in me the idea that success in life comes through education and hard work.They provided me with the opportunity to attend Northeast Catholic High School in Philadelphia where I was introduced to a solid college preparatory and disciplined education . In high school I participated in sports and other school sponsored activities. I also was a member of the varsity track team where I earned several letters.During my senior year I enlisted in the Army National Guard. I left for basic training shortly after graduation. I served in the National Guard for eight years and earned the rank of Staff Sergeant. This was the Cold War Era and the many stressors and conflicts that our country endured.I was the first in my family to graduate high school and college.I started my career in 1962 as a science teacher, counselor and reading instructor at Father Judge High School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1967 I was hired by the Bristol Township School District, Pennsylvania as a school counselor. Since, my employment at BCCC I have been able to develop the colleges Reading and Study Skills course, the now defunct Department of Basic Studies and several psychology courses.Currently, I am retired from full-time teaching but continue to teach two psychology courses at the college. I also continue to provide counseling and psychotherapy on at the Fairless Hills Psychological Associates, Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania. I have been married for nearly 50 years, have two adult children and three grandchildren and one great-grandson. I am also the senior male member of a large extended family where I can enjoy many social activities as well.

Shared Resources

I enjoy bringing my experiences as a longtime practicing clinical psychologist and professor to the classroom. I attempt to integrate these experiences with textbook and other assignments so as to make the course more interesting and relevant to each student. My approach may also be viewed as student centered. I often use the technique of parables to assist students in relating to the topics discussed in class so as to help students relate these to their personal situations. I also encourage students to participate in class discussions and to explore relevant areas of psychology that may lead to a possible career in the profession either as a teacher or practitioner. I do require students to complete a multitude of assignments that enhance critical thinking skills in the hope that these will carry over to other areas of each individual’s life. In conclusion, I enjoy my work as a teacher and practicing psychologist and the excitement of my ongoing quest for new knowledge.

I will share with my and colleague’s experiences from my many years of work in the professions of psychology and education. Any materials I own; i.e. videotapes, texts, journals, etc. I will gladly share as well as my work as a forensic psychologist.

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