Maria McGrath

Maria McGrath
photo of Maria McGrath
  • Professor, Humanities & History, Social & Behavioral Science
  • Academic Credentials: BA, Temple University; MA, University of Wyoming; PhD, Lehigh University
  • Office: Grupp Hall 211
    Phone: (215) 968-8288 Ext: 8288

Courses Taught

  • HIST151: U.S. History: Young America
  • HIST152: U.S. History: Modern America
  • HIST152H: U.S. History: Modern America (Honors section)
  • HIST175: The Vietnam War
  • HUMN111: Humanities I
  • HUMN112: Humanities II
  • HUMN113: Humanities III
  • HUMN114: Humanities IV


My research and teaching centers on food history and the 1960s American counterculture. My most recent publications include "The Life and Death of Mr. Organic" in the NEW REPUBLIC online (August 2014) and "Back to the Kitchen" in MS. Magazine (Winter 2013). Currently I am working on book titled FOOD FOR DISSENT: NATURAL FOODS POLITICS AND CULTURES SINCE THE 1960s. I have been teaching history and humanities at BUCKS since 2006.

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