Anita Manders

Anita Manders
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  • Professor, Business Studies ,
  • Academic Credentials: AA, Bucks County Community College BS Business Administration, Rider College M. Ed. Business Education, Rider College
  • Office: 405
    Phone: (215) 968-8339 Ext: 8339
  • Office Hours:
    Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 am - 11 am

Courses Taught

  • CISC100:
  • CISC110:
  • MGMT135:
  • MGMT175:
  • OADM105:
  • OADM115:
  • OADM126:
  • OADM140:
  • OADM150:
  • OADM155:
  • OADM195:
  • OADM205:
  • OADM210:
  • OADM225:
  • OADM226:
  • OADM230:
  • OADM250:
  • OADM260:
  • OADM280:


Professor Anita Manders: My tenure at Bucks spans from a time when shorthand and typewriting were valuable tools in the business world, to word processing which was elaborate in its beginning stages, and then onward to computers which to this day are essential to business and industry success, our educational process and important to each of our personal and professional lives.

In addition to teaching traditional face to face courses, I was one of the first faculty at Bucks to train in Distance Learning, now known as the Virtual Campus/Online Learning. Continual training in Quality Matters helps to bring the optimum experience of this curriculum tool to our students so that their learning can be flexible and applicable to their personal and educational needs.

Business Communication is one of my specialty courses where students are engaged in acquiring professional business language skills as well as professional document and report writing abilities. This is an essential skill to bridge the gap between education and the business world, which students will soon venture into.

I continue as a part time faculty member in the STEM department teaching CISC100, Digital Literacy and I value this opportunity. For the past 26 years I have been an adjunct faculty member in the School of Business at Thomas Edison State College in Trenton, New Jersey. My specialty has been online Prior Learning Assessment including (but not limited to) Business Communication, Management and Computer/Office Applications.

As a member of both the National Business Education Association and the Pennsylvania Business Association, I continue to keep current with teaching trends and hold to the standards reflected in our ACBSP certification requirements.

I believe that advising is one of our most important responsibilities as college faculty and I support our department’s steadfast commitment to advise our students throughout their term at Bucks. After many years I still look forward to the beginning of each semester and I am continually grateful to be a part of our unique business department and to the College as a whole.

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