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Lisa G. Angelo
photo of Lisa G. Angelo
  • Interim Provost, Academic Affairs
  • Dean,
  • Academic Credentials: BS, Cabrini College; MBA, Rutgers University; MA, Villanova University
  • Office: Tyler 122
    Phone: (215) 968-8306 Ext: 8306

Courses Taught

  • INTG285: Integration of Knowledge
  • MATH090: Prealgebra
  • MATH095: Basic Algebra
  • MATH101: Mathematical Concepts I
  • MATH103: Intermediate Algebra
  • MATH117: Finite Mathematics for Business
  • MATH118: Business Calculus
  • MATH120: College Algebra
  • MATH122: Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry
  • MATH125: Precalculus Mathematics

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Terri Lovett
photo of Terri Lovett
  • Senior Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs
  • Academic Credentials: AA, Bucks County Community College
  • Office: Tyler 122
    Phone: (215) 968-8048 Ext: 8048

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