Faculty and Staff Directory

NameDepartmentPhone OfficeEmail
Jack Labarko Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Financial Aid
(215) 968-8203 Linksz Pavilion 102FJack.Labarko
Carol Ladd Administrative Assistant
Enrollment Services
(215) 968-8117 Ext: 8117 Pemberton Hall 121Carol.Ladd
Ann Lamartine Specialized Support
(215) 968-8424 Ext: 8424 Hicks Art Center 207AAnn.Lamartine
June Lane Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
(215) 497-8793 Founders Hall 124june.lane
Brie LaRosa Graduate Counseling Intern
Act 101 / Goals
(215)504-8500 Ext: 6771 Rollins 22Brieanna.LaRosa
Albert Latronica Part Time Instructor, Biology
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Founders Hall 221Alatronica
Luis Lavado Part-Time Faculty
Language & Literature
(215) 504-8500 Ext: 6604 LBC Luis.Lavado
Loretta Lawson Specialized Support
Public Safety Training Center
(215) 340-8420 Public Safety Training Center Loretta.Lawson
Tom Lawton Part-Time Faculty
Arts, Music
(215) 504-8500 Ext: 6692 Cottage II 101Tom.Lawton
Judi Lehrhaupt Part-Time Faculty
Language & Literature
(215) 504-8500 Ext: 6677 Penn Hall 214Judi.Lehrhaupt
Judi Lehrhaupt
Arts, Communication
Susan Leiggi Specialized Support
Center for Workforce Development
(215) 968-8166 Ext: 8166 Cottage I 100Susan.Leiggi
Morgan Lembesis Lead Administrative Assistant
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
215-968-8256 Founders Hall 113Morgan.Drumheiser
Kimberly Lenherr Assistant Professor, Psychology
Social & Behavioral Science
(215) 504-8500 Ext: 6588 LBC kimberly.lenherr
Emma LeSaint Part TIme Faculty
Business Studies
215-968-8234 Penn Hall 331Emma.LeSaint
Tanya Letourneau Instructor, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Social & Behavioral Science
(267) 421-6347 UBC 128tanya.letourneau
Pamela Leutwyler Professor Emeritus, mathematics
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Thomas Lever Part Time Faculty, Mathematics
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Stephen S. Levine Part-Time Faculty
Arts, Visual Arts
(215) 504-8500 Ext: 6635 Hicks Art Center 209/210Stephen.Levine
Allison Levitt Assistant Registrar, Registration
Admissions, Records & Registration
215-968-8121 Ext: 8121 Pemberton Hall 111Allison.Levitt
Alberto Levy AV Systems Technician
Information Technology Services
215-968-8265 Ext: 8265 Pemberton Hall 243alberto.levy
Catharine Lieb Administrative Support
Physical Plant
(215) 968-8396 Ext: 8396 Barn 207Catharine.Lieb
Eric Lifson Professor, biology
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
(215) 968-8355 Ext: 8355 Founders Hall 223Eric.Lifson
Lee Ann Lippincott Part-Time Faculty
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Linn Lisher Part-Time Faculty
Language & Literature
(215) 504-8500 Ext: 6148 Penn Hall 201Linn.Lisher
Ching-Wha Liu Part-Time Faculty
Language & Literature
(215) 504-8500 Ext: 6147 Ching-Wha.Liu
Mary Ellen Livesay Specialized Support
(215) 968-8009 Ext: 8009 Library Mary.Livesay
Lauren Loeffler Executive Director
Center for Workforce Development
(215) 968-8017 Ext: 8017 Cottage I 104Lauren.Loeffler
Daniel Loeper Director, Business Development
Center for Workforce Development
215-968-8268 Ext: 8268 Cottage I 200CDaniel.Loeper
MaryEllen Lohin Administrative Assistant
Social & Behavioral Science
(215) 504-8627 Ext: 8627 Penn Hall 301Maryellen.Lohin
Fred Long Manager
Cafeteria Services / CulinArt
(215) 968-8210 Ext: 8210 Rollins Cafe.bcccfood
Selina Long Help Desk Technician II
Information Technology Services
Help Desk Technician II
Help Desk and Services Center
(215) 504-8696 Ext: 8696
(215) 504-8696 Ext: 8696
Pemberton Hall 241
Pemberton Hall 241
Diana Loreman Instructor
James F. Loughery Director
(215) 968-8041 Ext: 8041 106James.Loughery
Terri Lovett Senior Administrative Assistant
Academic Affairs
(215) 968-8048 Ext: 8048 Tyler 122terri.lovett
Terrie A. Lowery Director, Custodial and Trans.Services
Physical Plant
(215) 968-8382 Ext: 8382 Barn 205Terrie.Lowery
Greg Luce Associate Professor, management/marketing
Business Studies

Integration of Knowledge
Penn Hall 413
Elizabeth Luciano Assistant Professor
Language & Literature
(215) 968-8159 Ext: 8159 Penn Hall 121Elizabeth.Luciano
Leonard Luczkowski Jr.Coordinator, Contact Center
Contact Center

Student Services
215-968-8051 Ext: 8051
Rollins 24
Robert Luisi Part Time Faculty, Mathematics
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Elena Lydon Registration Supervisor
Continuing Education
(215) 968-8411 Ext: 8411 Cottage III 100Elena.Lydon
Linda Lynch-McKenna Professor, Associate Degree Nursing
Professional Studies
(215) 968-8322 Ext: 8322 Penn Hall 435Linda.Lynch-McKenna

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