Faculty and Staff Directory

NameDepartmentPhone OfficeEmail
Tara Faigle Counselor
Counseling Services
(215) 504 - 8500 Ext: 6149 Rollins 25Tara.Faigle
John Fala Part-Time Faculty
Social & Behavioral Science
215-968-8270 Ext: 8270 Founders Hall 209john.fala
Liliana Falvo-Broselli Part-Time Faculty
Language & Literature
(215) 504-8500 Ext: 6650 Grupp Hall 203Liliana.Falvo-Broselli
Jina Fast Part-Time Faculty
Social & Behavioral Science
215-968-8270 Ext: 8270 Grupp Hall 301jina.fast
Ryan Fealy Associate Professor, Chemistry
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
(215) 968-8354 Ext: 8354 Founders Hall 229ryan.fealy
Jess Federman Part Time Faculty
Business Studies
215-968-8227 Grupp Hall 401Jessica.Federman
Jaroslaw Fedorijczuk Reference Librarian
(215) 968-8013 Ext: 8013 Library Jaroslaw.Fedorijczuk
Kathleen Fedorko Executive Assistant
President's Office
Kinesiology and Sport Studies
(215) 968-8220 Ext: 8220
Tyler 220
Ronald Feeback Associate Professor
Arts, Communication
Frank Fenton Part-Time Faculty, Fire Science
Professional Studies
Founders Hall 210Frank.Fenton
Edward Ferdinand Associate Professor, Music
Arts, Music
(215) 968-8486 Ext: 8486 Cottage II 100Edward.Ferdinand
Howard Ferguson Part-Time Faculty, Computer Science
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
(215) 547-4708 LBC 108howard.ferguson
Caroline Ferrara Educational Planning Advisor
Advising & Transfer Services
215-497-8740 Ext: 8740 Rollins 70Caroline.Ferrara
Jane Fetterolf-Griffin Part-Time Faculty
Social & Behavioral Science
215-504-8500 Ext: 6330 Founders Hall 209Jane.Fetterolf
Donna Fiedler Part-Time Faculty, STEM
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
(215) 504-8500 Ext: 6521 donna.fiedler
Nicole Fife Part-Time Faculty
Business Studies
(215) 968-8227 Grupp Hall 401Nicole.Fife
Rolando Figueroa Part-Time Faculty
Social & Behavioral Science
215-968-8270 Ext: 8270 Grupp Hall 301rolando.figueroa
Sara Fiorot Part-Time Faculty
Social & Behavioral Science
215-968-8270 Grupp Hall 301Sara.Fiorot
Ellen Fisher Part-Time Faculty
Language & Literature
(215) 504-8500 Ext: 6302 Grupp Hall 201Elllen.Fisher
Jeffrey Fisher Part-Time Faculty, STEM
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Patricia Fisher-Olsen Associate Professor, Coordinator, Historic Preservation
Social & Behavioral Science

Historic Preservation
(215) 968-8286 Ext: 8286
Tyler PUB
Cheryl Fitzpatrick Part-Time Faculty
Language & Literature
(215) 504-8500 Ext: 6038 Grupp Hall 214Cheryl.Fitzpatrick
William Fizzano Part-Time Faculty, Education
Social & Behavioral Science
Ext: 8270 Grupp Hall 301william.fizzano
Rosalie Flemke Administrative Support
Continuing Education
(215) 968-8413 Ext: 8413 Cottage III C3-2Rosalie.Flemke
Christina Fogle Administrative Assistant
Student Services
Administrative Assistant
Accessibility Office
(215) 968-8081 Ext: 8081
Rollins Desk
Rosemary Foley Specialized Support
Physical Plant
(215) 504-8656 Ext: 8656 Barn 207Rosemary.Foley
Barbara Ford
Christine Ford Part-Time Faculty
Social & Behavioral Science
(267)475-6495 LBC Christine.Ford
William Ford Professor, psychology
Social & Behavioral Science
(215) 968-8285 Ext: 8285 Grupp Hall 333william.ford
Owen Forrest Director, IT Academy
Continuing Education
215-968-8132 Gateway 118Owen.Forrest
Rene' Fortier
Linda Fossler Programs Coordinator
Public Safety Training Center
(215) 340-8432 Public Safety Training Center Linda.Fossler
Beth Francia Specialized Support
Financial Aid
(215) 968-8200 Ext: 8236 Linksz Pavilion 102Beth.Francia
Stefanie Fratantaro Professor, Mathematics
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
(215) 968-8138 Ext: 8138 Founders Hall 130stefanie.fratantaro
Mary Fravel Specialized Support
(215) 504-8612 Ext: 8612 Library 301Mary.Fravel
Scott Freedman Part Time Faculty, Mathematics
James Freeman Professor, composition and literature
Language & Literature
(215) 968-8155 Ext: 8155 Grupp Hall 127James.Freeman
E. Rob Freese IIIExecutive Director, Public Safety Training & Certification
Public Safety Training Center
Director, Fire and Emergency Services Degree Programs
Professional Studies
(215) 968-8190
Cottage I 202
Public Safety Training Center
Donna Fricke Administrative Assistant
Admissions, Records & Registration
(215) 968-8112 Ext: 8112 Pemberton Hall 120Donna.Fricke
Caren Friedman Professor
Arts, Visual Arts
(215) 504-8671 Ext: 8671 Hicks Art Center 200Caren.Friedman
Marge Friedrich Administrative Assistant
Institutional Research
(215) 968-8243 Ext: 8243 Pemberton Hall 122Marge.Friedrich
Heather Fry Administrative Assistant, Associate Degree Nursing
Professional Studies
215-968-8327 Ext: 8327 Grupp Hall 439Heather.Fry
Mathew Fuhmeister I
Grupp Hall 214Matthew.fuhmeister
Matthew Fuhrmeister Instructor
Grupp Hall 214Matthew.fuhrmeister
Matthew Furmeister
Grupp Hall 214 

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