Upper Bucks Campus

Upper Bucks Campus(215) 258-7700 Ext. 7700UBC
Upper Bucks Campus Fax(215) 258-7749
Dr. Rodney Altemose
Executive Director
(215) 258-7750 Ext. 7750
UBC 106
Mrs. Patricia McEnery
Assistant Director
(215) 258-7752
UBC 107
Mrs. Joanna Bartholomew
Administrative Assistant
215 258-7751 Ext. 7751
UBC 108
Jordan Hill ITS Specialist215-258-7729
Ext. 7729
UBC jordan.hill
Kevin Murray Perkins Goals Coach215-258-7704
Ext. 7704
UBC kevin.murray
Dennis O'Brien Officer, Safety and Security215-258-7778
Ext. 7778
UBC dennis.obrien
Cyndy Paetow PA CareerLink215-258-7755
Ext. 7755
UBC 270cpaetow@pa.gov
Eileen Paynton Instructor, Practical Nursing Program215-258-7733
Ext. 7733
UBC 280eileen.paynton
Mandy Reilly Counselor (215) 258-7712
Ext. 7712
UBC 129Mandy.Reilly
Eunice Rush-Day Manager, Government Funded Initiatives215-258-7741
Ext. 7741
UBC 275eunice.rush-day
The Vibe Cafe Mike DeLeo, Owner, The Vibe Cafe 215-258-7747
Ext. 7747
UBC djmsmike@comcast.net
Brian Weibley Maintenance(215) 258-7754
Ext. 7754
UBC brian.weibley2
Carol Weibley Custodial Services215-258-7754
Ext. 7754
UBC carol.weibley
Diana Worman Coordinator, EARN Program215-258-7731
Ext. 7731
UBC 273diana.worman

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