Physical Plant

Physical Plant(215) 968-8390 Ext. 8390
Physical Plant Fax(215) 504-8606
Martin Snyder
Executive Director, Physical Plant
(215) 968-8392 Ext. 8392
Barn 300
Ed Aja Manager of Electrical Services(215) 968-8292
Ext. 8292
Boiler Room Ed.Aja
Eric Andrews Supervisor of Grounds215 968-8475
Ext. 8475
Barn 206eric.andrews
Kimberlee Brymer Administrative Assistant(215) 504-8657
Ext. 8657
Barn 204Kim.Brymer
Robert Christopher Custodial Supervisor, 2nd shift(215) 504-8550
Ext. 8550
Grupp Hall 261Robert.Christopher
Rosemary Foley Specialized Support(215) 504-8656
Ext. 8656
Barn 207Rosemary.Foley
Catharine Lieb Administrative Support(215) 968-8396
Ext. 8396
Barn 207Catharine.Lieb
Terrie A. Lowery Director, Custodial and Trans.Services(215) 968-8382
Ext. 8382
Barn 205Terrie.Lowery
Mark Maina Assistant Director of Custodians215 504-8672
Ext. 8672
Grupp Hall 261mark.maina
William Stank Project Manager215 968-8391
Ext. 8391
Barn 200william.stank
Arthur Taylor IIIDirector, Plant Operations215-968-8086
Ext. 8086
Boiler Room Arthur.TaylorIII
Carol Weibley Custodial Services215-258-8929
Ext. 8929
UBC carol.weibley
Carol Weibley Custodial Services, UBC215-258-8929
Ext. 8929
UBC carol.weibley

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