Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Dept. of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics(215) 968-8305 Ext. 8305Founders Hall 113
Science,Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Fax(215) 968-8294 Ext. ?
Debra Geoghan
Interim Dean
(215) 968-8310 Ext. 8310
Founders Hall 110
Lisa G. Angelo
Interim Provost
(215) 968-8306 Ext. 8306
Tyler 122
Lisa Cotton
Specialized Support
(215) 968-8351 Ext. 8351
Founders Hall 112
Mrs. Kelly Hauserman
Administrative Support
Founders Hall F113A
Mrs. Morgan Lembesis
Lead Administrative Assistant
Founders Hall 113
Donna Acquavella Associate Professor, Mathematics(215) 504-8564 Founders Hall 123donna.acquavella
Amir Afshar Associate Professor, Biology(215) 968-8297 Founders Hall 221Aamir.afshar
Caryn Babaian Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6799
Michael Babij Instructor215-504-8523
Ext. 8523
Founders Hall 131michael.babij
Robert Barlow Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6103
Penn Hall 401robert.barlow
Mary Barr Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6855
Jason Beers Instructor, Mathematics(215) 504-8535 Founders Hall 127jason.beers
Ira Bellew Part-Time Faculty    ira.bellew
Michael Bernarsky part time faculty, enviromental science    Michael.Bernarsky
Laurie Bernstein Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6382
Mary Bolton      mary.bolton
John Bottom Part Time Faculty    john.bottom
James Bowe Part-Time Faculty    james.bowe
Lawrence Brereton Part-Time Faculty    lawrence.brereton
Stuart Brian Part-Time Faculty    stuart.brian
Stacey Buck STC  Founders Hall 126Stacey.Buck
Aaron Burger  215-968-8314
Ext. 8314
Founders Hall 131aaron.burger
Jacqueline Burger Part-Time Faculty (215) 968-8056
Ext. 8056
Library 126Jacqueline.Burger
Beverly Carter Part-Time Faculty    beverly.carter
Lorna Cassano Part-Time Faculty  LBC Lorna.Cassano
Kay Chen Professor Emeritus, Computer Science    kay.chen
Eleonora Chertok Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6388
Joseph Ciccimaro Part-Time Faculty    joseph.ciccimaro
Phillip Clarke      Phillip.Clarke
Cianna Cooper  215-504-8649 Founders Hall 226cianna.cooper
Sarah Cooper Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6802
Joann Corn Professor, biology(215) 968-8361
Ext. 8361
Founders Hall 228joann.corn
Julie Crowell Part-Time Faculty    julie.crowell
John Crowley Professor Emeritus, computer science    john.crowley
Sean Dallas Part-Time Faculty    sean.dallas
Jay Darrish part time faculty, engineering  Founders Hall 221jay.darrish
Christine Delahanty Assistant Professor, physics(215) 968-8240
Ext. 8240
Founders Hall 121christine.delahanty
Francis Delahanty      Francis.Delahanty
Joan DeRosa Part Time Faculty, Mathematics    joan.derosa
Donielle Donley Biology Lab Supervisor(215) 968-8387
Ext. 8387
Founders Hall 017donielle.donley
Renee Ejdarharian Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6428
Leticia El Naggar Professor, chemistry(215) 968-8357
Ext. 8357
Founders Hall 230leticia.elnaggar
Joseph Erickson Associate Professor, Mathematics(215) 968-8315
Ext. 8315
Founders Hall 221Bjoseph.erickson
John Esposito Part-Time Faculty    john.esposito
Ryan Fealy Instructor, Chemistry(215) 968-8354 Founders Hall 229ryan.fealy
Howard Ferguson Part-Time Faculty(215) 547-4708 LBC 108howard.ferguson
Donna Fiedler Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6521
Jeffrey Fisher Part-Time Faculty    jeffrey.fisher
Stefanie Fratantaro Professor, mathematics(215) 968-8138
Ext. 8138
Founders Hall 130stefanie.fratantaro
Derek Gearhart Part Time Faculty2158587867 Founders Hall derek.gearhart
Debra Geoghan Interim Dean (215) 968-8310
Ext. 8310
Founders Hall 110debra.geoghan
George Gleim Professor Emertius, Mathematics    george.gleim
Barry Goluboff Part-Time Faculty    barry.goluboff
Stephen Goshorn Associate Professor, Biology and Biotechnology(215) 504-8613
Ext. 8613
Founders Hall 228stephen.goshorn
Frank Grimes Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6807
Thomas Guiniven Part-Time Faculty    thomas.guiniven
Sandy Gundy Part-Time Faculty    Sandra.Gundy
Allan Gurney Part-Time Faculty    Allan.Gurney
Brian Haigh Part-Time Faculty    Brian.Haigh
Millicent Heeney-Stemple Associate Professor, biology(215) 968-8371
Ext. 8371
Founders Hall 229Millicent.HeeneyStemple
H. Ray Hendrickson Part-Time Faculty215-504-8500
Ext. 6731
Louis Hoelzle Professor Emeritus, mathematics215-882-4136 LBC 214Louis.Hoelzle
MaryAlice Howe Part Time Faculty, Mathematics     
Ralph Hunsberger Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6042
Founders Hall 221Ralph.Hunsberger
Michael Inbasekaran chemisty    michael.inbasekaran
Mona Jaffe      mona.jaffe
Nelson Klein Professor Emeritus, physics(215) 968-8353
Ext. 8353
Founders Hall 124Nelson.Klein
Mary Ann Klicka Professor, mathematics(215) 968-8298
Ext. 8298
Founders Hall 128Maryann.Klicka
Kathi Knight Professor, biology(215) 968-8356
Ext. 8356
Founders Hall 232Kathi.Knight
Barbara Korb Professor, Emeritus    Barbara.Korb
Peter Kraus Part-Time Faculty    Peter.Kraus
Stuart Krzywonos Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6384
Founders Hall 107Stuart.Krzywonos
June Lane Assistant Professor, Computer Science(215) 497-8793 Founders Hall 124june.lane
Albert Latronica Part Time Instructor, Biology  Founders Hall 221Alatronica
Pamela Leutwyler Professor Emeritus, mathematics    Pamela.Leutwyler
Thomas Lever Part Time Faculty, Mathematics    thomas.lever
Eric Lifson Professor, biology(215) 968-8355
Ext. 8355
Founders Hall 223Eric.Lifson
Lee Ann Lippincott Part-Time Faculty    Lee.Lippincott
Robert Luisi Part Time Faculty, Mathematics    luisir
William Magliaro Professor, mathematics(215) 504-8647
Ext. 8647
Founders Hall 129William.Magliaro
Timothy Magnavita Professor, mathematics(215) 968-8293
Ext. 8293
Founders Hall 126timothy.magnavita
Allen Marks Part-Time Faculty  Founders Hall 221Allen.Marks
Gerald Marrington Professor Emeritus, biology    Gerald.Marrington
Lisa Martin Professor, mathematics(215) 968-8317
Ext. 8317
Founders Hall 125Lisa.Martin
Rachel Mascareno Part-Time Faculty    Rachel.Mascareno
Lynn McCarty Part-Time Faculty, Science(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6781
Founders Hall 221Lynn.McCarty
Lawrence McElroy Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6353
Melanie McLaughlin Part-Time Faculty    Melanie.McLaughlin
Mark Michalovic Assistant Professor, Chemistry(215) 968-8363
Ext. 8363
Founders Hall 231Mark.Michalovic
Steve Miller Part-Time Faculty    Steven.Miller
Gauri Misra    Founders Hall  
Anabelle Morales Part-Time Faculty, Biology    Anabelle.Morales
Adrianne Morelli Instructor, mathematics(215) 504-8558 Founders Hall 127Adrianne.Morelli
John Murray Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6734
Marianne O'Keefe Part-Time Faculty    Marianne.OKeefe
Francis Olkowski Instrutor   Founders Hall Francis.olkowski
Edward Parker part time faculty, mathematics    Edward.Parker
Richard Patton Part-Time Faculty    Richard.Patton
Barbara Pearl Part-Time Faculty    Barbara.Pearl
Mary Ann Penge Part-Time Faculty    MaryAnn.Penge
John Pescatore Part-Time Faculty    John.Pescatore
Richard Petrucco Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6806
Paul Phillips Professor, biology(215) 968-8362
Ext. 8362
Founders Hall 223Paul.Phillips
Kathleen Pisauro Part-Time Faculty    Kathleen.Pisauro
Frank Pitonyak Part Time Faculty, Mathematics215-504-8500
Ext. 6034
Founders Hall 221Frank.Pitonyak
Robert Porche Sr.Associate Professor, information science(215) 504-8577
Ext. 8577
Founders Hall 156Bob.Porche
Brenda Price Part-Time Faculty215-258-7700 UBC 021Brenda.Price
Elaine Profy Part-Time Faculty    Elaine.Profy
Walt Puchalski Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6397
Founders Hall 221Walter.Puchalski
Tom Rafferty Part-Time Faculty, GIS(609) 462-7237 Founders Hall 221AThomas.Rafferty
Cristina Ramacciotti Part-Time Faculty    Cristina.Ramacciotti
Ram Ramaprasad Part-Time Faculty215-504-8500
Ext. 6195
Founders Hall 221Ram.Ramaprasad
Linda Rehfuss Associate Professor, Biology215-504-8694 Founders Hall 226Linda.Rehfuss
Alvin Reitz Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6565
Forrest Ritter Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6512
UBC Forrest.Ritter
Jacqueline Rock Instructor, Computer Science215-968-8260
Ext. 8260
Founders Hall 156Jacqueline.rock
Prakash Rushi Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6532
Stephen Salvia Part-Time Faculty    Stephen.Salvia
Troy Sanders Part Time Faculty, Mathematics    troy.sanders
Michelle Savescu Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6661
Randi Schaeffer Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6814
UBC 228Randi.Schaeffer
Jerry Schuchman Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6351
Joseph Schuler Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6567
Michael Serfes Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6786
Fouad Shalaby Part Time Faculty, Chemistry     
Emerson Shaw Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6420
Aurelia Sheppard Part Time Faculty     
Robert Shurilla Part-Time Faculty    Robert.Shurilla
Lori Silver      Lori.Silver
Edward G. Smith Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6349
Edward R. Smith Part-Time Faculty    Edward.R.Smith
Ronald Stratton Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6840
Stephen Sullivan Associate Professor, biology(215) 504-8588
Ext. 8588
Founders Hall 225Stephen.Sullivan
John Summers Instructor, Computer Science215-968-8312 Founders Hall 124john.summers
Patrick Summers Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6416
Joseph Sweatlock Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6792
Arta Szathmary Professor Emeritus, computer science    Arta.Szathmary
Janine Termine Associate Professor, mathematics(215) 968-8130
Ext. 8130
Founders Hall 132Janine.Termine
Elizabeth Valori Part-Time Faculty    Elizabeth.Valori
John Vira Part Time Faculty, Biology    viraj
Rochelle Vollmerding Science Lab Assistant215-968-8387
Ext. 8387
Founders Hall 017rochelle.vollmerding
Min-Chi Von Trentini part time faculty, chemistry    m.vontrentini
Jesscia Walcott Part-Time Faculty    Jessica.Walcott
June Wallace Part-Time Faculty    June.Wallace
Kathy Webb Professor Emeritus, Biology    Kathy.Webb
Sarah Wheeler Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6052
Founders Hall 221Sarah.Wheeler
Shawn Wild Assistant Professor, Biology(215) 504-8578 Founders Hall 225Shawn.Wild
Kelsey Wiley Part Time Faculty, Mathematics    wileykel
Ryanne Wolfe Part Time Faculty, Biology    wolfery
Szu Kay Wong Part-Time Faculty, Mathematics  LBC 214Szu.Kay.Wong
William Yorke Professor, chemistry(215) 968-8244
Ext. 8244
Founders Hall 222William.Yorke
Sarah Young Chemistry Lab Supervisor(215) 968-8384
Ext. 8384
Founders Hall 253Sarah.Young

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