Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Dept. of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics(215) 968-8305 Ext. 8305Founders Hall 113
Science,Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Fax(215) 968-8294 Ext. ?
Lisa G. Angelo
Assistant Academic Dean
(215) 968-8306 Ext. 8306
Founders Hall 113A
Lisa Cotton
Specialized Support
(215) 968-8351 Ext. 8351
Founders Hall 112
Ms. Morgan Drumheiser
Administrative Assistant
Founders Hall 113A
Ms. Ann M. Geddes
Administrative Assistant
(215) 968-8256 Ext. 8256
Founders Hall 113
Donna Acquavella Associate Professor, Mathematics(215) 504-8564 Founders Hall 123donna.acquavella
Amir Afshar Associate Professor, biology(215) 968-8297
Ext. 8297
Founders Hall 221Aamir.afshar
Kathryn Allen Part Time Faculty, Chemistry     
Dwight Anderson Part Time Faculty215-504-8500
Ext. 6285
Michael Aucott Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6752
Caryn Babaian Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6799
Michael Babij Instructor215-504-8523 Founders Hall 121michael.babij
Robert Barlow Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6103
Penn Hall 401robert.barlow
Mary Barr Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6855
Jason Beers Instructor, Mathematics(215) 504-8535 Founders Hall 127jason.beers
Ira Bellew Part-Time Faculty    ira.bellew
Michael Bernarsky part time faculty, enviromental science    Michael.Bernarsky
Laurie Bernstein Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6382
James Bowe Part-Time Faculty    james.bowe
Lawrence Brereton Part-Time Faculty    lawrence.brereton
Stuart Brian Part-Time Faculty    stuart.brian
Stacey Buck    Founders Hall
Beverly Carter Part-Time Faculty    beverly.carter
Lorna Cassano Part-Time Faculty  LBC Lorna.Cassano
Karen Chaffee Part-Time Faculty    karen.chaffee
Kay Chen Professor, Computer Science(215) 968-8295
Ext. 8295
Founders Hall 133kay.chen
Eleonora Chertok Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6388
Joseph Ciccimaro Part-Time Faculty    joseph.ciccimaro
Cianna Cooper  215-504-8649 Founders Hall 226cianna.cooper
Sarah Cooper Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6802
Joann Corn Professor, biology(215) 968-8361
Ext. 8361
Founders Hall 228joann.corn
Doreen Cornell Professor Emeritus, computer science    doreen.cornell
Julie Crowell Part-Time Faculty    julie.crowell
John Crowley Professor Emertus, computer science    john.crowley
Carol Cusano Assistant Professor, Computer Science(215) 968-8260 Founders Hall 156carol.cusano
Sean Dallas Part-Time Faculty    sean.dallas
Jay Darrish part time faculty, engineering  Founders Hall 221jay.darrish
Christine Delahanty Assistant Professor, physics(215) 968-8240
Ext. 8240
Founders Hall 121christine.delahanty
Francis Delahanty      Francis.Delahanty
Joan DeRosa Part Time Faculty, Mathematics    joan.derosa
Donielle Donley Biology Lab Supervisor(215) 968-8387
Ext. 8387
Founders Hall 017donielle.donley
Renee Ejdarharian Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6428
Leticia El Naggar Professor, chemistry(215) 968-8357
Ext. 8357
Founders Hall 230leticia.elnaggar
Joseph Erickson Associate Professor, Mathematics(215) 968-8315
Ext. 8315
Founders Hall 221Bjoseph.erickson
John Esposito Part-Time Faculty    john.esposito
Ryan Fealy Instructor, Chemistry(215) 968-8354 Founders Hall 229ryan.fealy
Howard Ferguson Part-Time Faculty(215) 547-4708 LBC 108howard.ferguson
Donna Fiedler Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6521
Jeffrey Fisher Part-Time Faculty    jeffrey.fisher
Barbara Ford Part Time Faculty
Stefanie Fratantaro Professor, mathematics(215) 968-8138
Ext. 8138
Founders Hall 130stefanie.fratantaro
Joseph Gallo Part Time Faculty
Derek Gearhart Part Time Faculty    derek.gearhart
Debra Geoghan Professor, computer science(215) 968-8310
Ext. 8310
Founders Hall 122Adebra.geoghan
George Gleim Professor, mathematics(215) 968-8314
Ext. 8314
Founders Hall 131george.gleim
Barry Goluboff Part-Time Faculty    barry.goluboff
Stephen Goshorn Associate Professor, Biology and Biotechnology(215) 504-8613
Ext. 8613
Founders Hall 228stephen.goshorn
Frank Grimes Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6807
Thomas Guiniven Part-Time Faculty    thomas.guiniven
Sandy Gundy Part-Time Faculty    Sandra.Gundy
Allan Gurney Part-Time Faculty    Allan.Gurney
Brian Haigh Part-Time Faculty    Brian.Haigh
Kyle Harris Instructor
Gymnasium 102Kyle.Harris
Millicent Heeney-Stemple Associate Professor, biology(215) 968-8371
Ext. 8371
Founders Hall 229Millicent.HeeneyStemple
H. Ray Hendrickson Part-Time Faculty215-504-8500
Ext. 6731
Louis Hoelzle Professor Emeritus, mathematics215-882-4136 LBC 214Louis.Hoelzle
MaryAlice Howe Part Time Faculty, Mathematics     
Ralph Hunsberger Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6042
Founders Hall 221Ralph.Hunsberger
Mona Jaffe      mona.jaffe
Nelson Klein Professor, physics(215) 968-8353
Ext. 8353
Founders Hall 124Nelson.Klein
Mary Ann Klicka Professor, mathematics(215) 968-8298
Ext. 8298
Founders Hall 128Maryann.Klicka
Kathi Knight Professor, biology(215) 968-8356
Ext. 8356
Founders Hall 232Kathi.Knight
Barbara Korb Professor, Emeritus    Barbara.Korb
Peter Kraus Part-Time Faculty    Peter.Kraus
Stuart Krzywonos Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6384
Founders Hall 107Stuart.Krzywonos
William Lambert Part-Time Faculty    William.Lambert
June Lane Assistant Professor, Computer Science(215) 497-8793 Founders Hall 109june.lane
Albert Latronica Part Time Instructor, Biology  Founders Hall 221Alatronica
Pamela Leutwyler Professor, mathematics(215) 968-8311
Ext. 8311
Founders Hall 109Pamela.Leutwyler
Thomas Lever Part Time Faculty, Mathematics    thomas.lever
Eric Lifson Professor, biology(215) 968-8355
Ext. 8355
Founders Hall 223Eric.Lifson
Lee Ann Lippincott Part-Time Faculty    Lee.Lippincott
Robert Luisi Part Time Faculty, Mathematics    luisir
William Magliaro Professor, mathematics(215) 504-8647
Ext. 8647
Founders Hall 129William.Magliaro
Timothy Magnavita Professor, mathematics(215) 968-8293
Ext. 8293
Founders Hall 126timothy.magnavita
Allen Marks Part-Time Faculty  Founders Hall 221Allen.Marks
Gerald Marrington Professor Emeritus, biology    Gerald.Marrington
Lisa Martin Professor, mathematics(215) 968-8317
Ext. 8317
Founders Hall 125Lisa.Martin
Rachel Mascareno Part-Time Faculty    Rachel.Mascareno
Lynn McCarty Part-Time Faculty, Science(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6781
Founders Hall 221Lynn.McCarty
Lawrence McElroy Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6353
Melanie McLaughlin Part-Time Faculty    Melanie.McLaughlin
Mark Michalovic Assistant Professor, Chemistry(215) 968-8363
Ext. 8363
Founders Hall 231Mark.Michalovic
Steve Miller Part-Time Faculty    Steven.Miller
Anabelle Morales Part-Time Faculty, Biology    Anabelle.Morales
Adrianne Morelli Instructor, mathematics(215) 504-8558 Founders Hall 127Adrianne.Morelli
John Murray Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6734
Marianne O'Keefe Part-Time Faculty    Marianne.OKeefe
Michael Pappadakis Part-Time Faculty    Michael.Pappadakis
Edward Parker part time faculty, mathematics    Edward.Parker
Richard Patton Part-Time Faculty    Richard.Patton
Barbara Pearl Part-Time Faculty    Barbara.Pearl
Mary Ann Penge Part-Time Faculty    MaryAnn.Penge
John Pescatore Part-Time Faculty    John.Pescatore
Richard Petrucco Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6806
Paul Phillips Professor, biology(215) 968-8362
Ext. 8362
Founders Hall 223Paul.Phillips
Kathleen Pisauro Part-Time Faculty    Kathleen.Pisauro
Frank Pitonyak Part Time Faculty, Mathematics215-504-8500
Ext. 6034
Founders Hall 221Frank.Pitonyak
Robert Porche Sr.Associate Professor, information science(215) 504-8577
Ext. 8577
Founders Hall 156Bob.Porche
Brenda Price Part-Time Faculty215-258-7700 UBC 021Brenda.Price
Elaine Profy Part-Time Faculty    Elaine.Profy
Walt Puchalski Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6397
Founders Hall 221Walter.Puchalski
Tom Rafferty Part-Time Faculty, GIS(609) 462-7237 Founders Hall 221AThomas.Rafferty
Cristina Ramacciotti Part-Time Faculty    Cristina.Ramacciotti
Ram Ramaprasad Part-Time Faculty215-504-8500
Ext. 6195
Founders Hall 221Ram.Ramaprasad
Linda Rehfuss Associate Professor, Biology215-504-8694 Founders Hall 226Linda.Rehfuss
Alvin Reitz Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6565
Forrest Ritter Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6512
UBC Forrest.Ritter
Prakash Rushi Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6532
Stephen Salvia Part-Time Faculty    Stephen.Salvia
Troy Sanders Part Time Faculty, Mathematics    troy.sanders
Michelle Savescu Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6661
Randi Schaeffer Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6814
UBC 228Randi.Schaeffer
Jerry Schuchman Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6351
Joseph Schuler Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6567
Michael Serfes Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6786
Fouad Shalaby Part Time Faculty, Chemistry     
Emerson Shaw Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6420
Aurelia Sheppard Part Time Faculty     
Robert Shurilla Part-Time Faculty    Robert.Shurilla
Lori Silver      Lori.Silver
Edward G. Smith Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6349
Edward R. Smith Part-Time Faculty    Edward.R.Smith
Ronald Stratton Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6840
Stephen Sullivan Associate Professor, biology(215) 504-8588
Ext. 8588
Founders Hall 225Stephen.Sullivan
John Summers Instructor, Computer Science215-968-8312 Founders Hall 124john.summers
Patrick Summers Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6416
Joseph Sweatlock Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6792
Arta Szathmary Professor Emeritus, computer science    Arta.Szathmary
Janine Termine Associate Professor, mathematics(215) 968-8130
Ext. 8130
Founders Hall 132Janine.Termine
Elizabeth Valori Part-Time Faculty    Elizabeth.Valori
John Vira Part Time Faculty, Biology    viraj
Rochelle Vollmerding Science Lab Assistant215-968-8387
Ext. 8387
Founders Hall 017rochelle.vollmerding
Min-Chi Von Trentini part time faculty, chemistry    m.vontrentini
Jesscia Walcott Part-Time Faculty    Jessica.Walcott
June Wallace Part-Time Faculty    June.Wallace
Kathy Webb Professor Emeritus, Biology    Kathy.Webb
Robert Welsh Part Time Faculty, Physics  Founders Hall 125Robert.Welsh
Sarah Wheeler Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6052
Founders Hall 221Sarah.Wheeler
Shawn Wild Assistant Professor, Biology(215) 504-8578 Founders Hall 225Shawn.Wild
Kelsey Wiley Part Time Faculty, Mathematics    wileykel
Ryanne Wolfe Part Time Faculty, Biology    wolfery
Szu Kay Wong Part-Time Faculty  LBC 214Szu.Kay.Wong
William Yorke Professor, chemistry(215) 968-8244
Ext. 8244
Founders Hall 222William.Yorke
Sarah Young Chemistry Lab Supervisor(215) 968-8384
Ext. 8384
Founders Hall 253Sarah.Young

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