Learning Resources

Bill Hemmig
Dean, Learning Resources and Online Learning
(215) 504-8611 Ext. 8611
Library 125
Dolores Smith
Administrative Assistant, Learning Resources
(215) 968-8001 Ext. 8001
Library 125A
Jacqueline Burger Associate Professor, Learning Technologies Liaison(215) 968-8056
Ext. 8056
Library 126Jacqueline.Burger@bucks.edu
Regina Hierholzer Instructor, Instructional Designer(215) 504-8592
Ext. 8592
Library 218Regina.Hierholzer@bucks.edu
Paul Proces Associate Professor, New Media Librarian215-497-8711
Ext. 8711
Library 218Paul.Proces@bucks.edu
Matthew Seibert Associate Professor, Emerging Technologies Librarian(215) 968-8304
Ext. 8304
Library 123Matthew.Seibert@bucks.edu

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