Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services Helpdesk(215) 968-8191 Pemberton Hall 2nd Fl
Information Technology Services Office(215) 968-8400 Ext. 8400Pemberton Hall
Web Services (ITS)(215) 968-8296 Ext. 8296Pemberton Hall 301
Information Technology Services Fax(215) 968-8134
Dr. Andrew Lawlor
Vice President and CIO
215-968-8408 Ext. 8408
Pemberton Hall 236
Eugene Kovalchick
Executive Director
215-497-8790 Ext. 8790
Pemberton Hall 235
Doug Burak
IT Security Officer
215-968-8418 Ext. 8418
Pemberton Hall 229
Mr. Richard Hartwell
Director, Enterprise & Web Systems
(215) 968-8000 Ext. 8410
Pemberton Hall 305
Holly Madison
Director, Multimedia Solutions
(215) 968-8089 Ext. 8089
Pemberton Hall 226
Mr. Tom McKeown
Director, Technical Support and Systems
(215) 968-8407 Ext. 8407
Pemberton Hall 222
Ron Smith
Director, Network & Infrastructure Services
(215) 968-8405
Pemberton Hall 228
Cedric White
Director, Customer Care
(215) 968-8496 Ext. 8496
Pemberton Hall 231
Robert Yurko
Director, Systems Engineering
215-497-8759 Ext. 8759
Pemberton Hall 230
Jeanette Castello
Coordinator, Software Licenses
(215) 968-8401 Ext. 8401
Pemberton Hall 233
Rhonda Warfield
Senior Administrative Assistant
(215) 968-8400 Ext. 8400
Pemberton Hall 237
Kim Capaldi Web developer(215) 968-8296 Pemberton Hall 3rd
Doug Chapman Technical Support, Enterprise Servers(215) 504-8687
Ext. 8687
Pemberton Hall 241Doug.Chapman
Anisa Chaudhary Database Systems Analyst215-968-8308
Ext. 8308
Pemberton Hall 301anisa.chaudhary
John Chopan IIIAssoc. Database Systems Analyst215-968-8404
Ext. 8404
Pemberton Hall 302john.chopan
Jalen Corley Lead Technician, Technical Support and Systems215-504-8642
Ext. 8642
Linksz Pavillion 221jalen.corley
John Dearing Technical Support, Customer Care215-504-8636
Ext. 8636
Linksz Pavillion 221John.Dearing
Andriy Demkiv Associate Database Administrator215-968-8402
Ext. 8402
Pemberton Hall 302andriy.demkiv
Clovis Dixon Technical Support, Audio-Video Systems & Network Services(215) 968-8282
Ext. 8282
Pemberton Hall 243Clovis.Dixon
Christopher Ebinger Coordinator, Desktop Services(215) 968-8479
Ext. 8479
Pemberton Hall 221Chris.Ebinger
David George Lead Technician, Integrated Communications Technologies Services(215) 504-8568
Ext. 8568
Linksz Pavillion 221David.George
Michael Hayes Technical Support, Upper Bucks County Campus215-258-7729 UBC 010michael.hayes
Damon Hunnicutt Multi Media Technician215-968-8147
Ext. 8147
Pemberton Hall 243damon.hunnicutt
Lynn Kalix Technical Support, Lower Bucks County(267) 685-4855
Ext. 4855
LBC Lynn.Kalix
Mary Kuznicki Coordinator, ITS Help Desk Services(215) 504-8587
Ext. 8587
Linksz Pavillion 221Mary.Kuznicki
Alberto Levy AV Systems Technician215-968-8265
Ext. 8265
Pemberton Hall 243alberto.levy
James Lipczynski Technician, ICTS Services215-968-8696
Ext. 8696
Pemberton Hall 221James.Lipczynski
Matthew Moore Webmaster, Web Services(215) 968-8296
Ext. 8296
Pemberton Hall 303Matthew.Moore
Damian Nasta Senior Database Analyst(215) 968-8403
Ext. 8403
Pemberton Hall 301Damian.Nasta
Carol Oughton Lead Technician, Network Services(215) 968-8059
Ext. 8059
Pemberton Hall 243carol.oughton
Jerry Piasecki Technical Support215-968-8108
Ext. 8108
Pemberton Hall 221Jerry.Piasecki
Andrew Plaisted Lead Technician, Desktop Services(215) 504-8546
Ext. 8546
Linksz Pavillion 221Andrew.Plaisted
Anthony Siciliano Lead Technician, Enterprise Servers(215) 968-8125
Ext. 8125
Pemberton Hall 241Anthony.Siciliano
Paul Spiel Technical Support, Integrated Communications Technologies Services(215) 968-8149
Ext. 8149
Pemberton Hall 221Paul.Spiel
Brant Steen Senior Web Systems Developer215-497-8791
Ext. 8791
Pemberton Hall 306brant.steen
Charlene Wolff Senior Database Systems Analyst215-968-8406
Ext. 8406
Pemberton Hall 303charlene.wolff

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