Health, Physical Education & Nursing

Dept. of Health, Physical Education, & Nursing(215) 968-8450 Ext. 8450Linksz Pavillion 209
Office of Athletics(215) 504-8537 Ext. 8537
Wellness Center Office(215) 504-8447 Ext. 8447
Dr. Priscilla Rice
(215) 968-8450 Ext. 8450
Linksz Pavillion 209
Mrs. Claire Keane
Director, Associate Degree Nursing
(215) 968-8326 Ext. 8326
Penn Hall 445
Sarah Alburger
Administrative Assistant, Associate Degree Nursing
(215) 968-8327 Ext. 8327
Penn Hall 439
Donna Naughton
Administrative Assistant
215 504-8537 Ext. 8537
Linksz Pavillion 208
Ann Marie Angelucci AD Nursing Lab Manager(215) 968-8438
Ext. 8438
Penn Hall 438AAnnMarie.Angelucci
Janet Baker Instructor
Allied Health Building 007Janet.Baker
Cindy Barris Associate Professor, Nursing(215) 968-8258
Ext. 8258
Penn Hall 420Cynthia.Barris
Dipavali Bhaya  215-968-8455
Ext. 8455
Linksz Pavillion 205Dipavali.Bhaya
Mark Bohling Instructor(215) 968-8443
Ext. 8443
Gymnasium 108Mark.Bohling
Tammy Bradley  215-504-8500
Ext. 8782
Linksz Pavillion 204Tammy.Bradley
Scott Bradshaw Associate Professor, Head Golf Coach(215) 968-8453
Ext. 8453
Linksz Pavillion 203bradshaw
David Briggs Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6551
Gymnasium 121David.Briggs
Mary Chalich Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6779
Gymnasium 104Mary.Chalich
Donna Clothier Part-Time Faculty, Nursing215-504-8500
Ext. 6899
Penn Hall 438donna.clothier
Kimberly Coppola Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6628
Penn Hall 438AKimberly.Mills
Steven Coyne Associate Professor(215) 968-8430
Ext. 8430
Linksz Pavillion 205Steven.Coyne
Susan Ebling Part-Time Faculty215-968-8327 Penn Hall 438Susan.Ebling
William Ervin Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6101
Kathleen Fedorko Instructor
Amy Gallagher Part-Time Faculty, Nursing215-504-8500
Ext. 6663
Penn Hall 438amy.gallagher
Linda Garcia Associate Professor, Nursing(215) 968-8325
Ext. 8325
Penn Hall 437Linda.Garcia
Annie George Lab Facilitator, Nursing  Penn Hall
Constance Goldman Instructor, Nursing215-504-8630 Penn Hall 434Constance.Goldman
Evelyn Grace Assistant Professor, Nursing215-504-8582 Penn Hall 451Evelyn.Grace
Eileen Greco Part-Time Faculty, Nursing  Penn Hall 438eileen.greco
Eleanor Green Professor, Nursing(215) 968-8331
Ext. 8331
Penn Hall 449Eleanor.Green
Donna Greenfield Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6647
Gymnasium 105Donna.Greenfield
Kyle Harris Assitant Professor, Head Athletic Trainer215-968-8446
Ext. 8446
Linksz Pavillion 206Kyle.Harris
Christine Haynes Lab Facilitator, Nursing  Penn Hall 438christine.haynes
Harvey Hellerstein Adjunct Faculty, Health Education(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6652
LBC 213Harvey.Hellerstein
Rick Hindenlang Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6648
Gymnasium 101ARichard.Hindenlang
Lori Ischinger Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6132
Penn Hall 438Lori.Schumacher
Amber Jewell Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6103
Gymnasium 105Amber.Jewell
Dee Jones Professor, health & physical education(215) 968-8449
Ext. 8449
Gymnasium 117Dee.Jones
Kelly Jones Instructor215-968-8442
Ext. 8442
Linksz Pavillion 206Kelly.Jones
Davida Kleinman Part-Time Faculty215-504-8500
Ext. 6895
Gymnasium 105kleinma
Vera Kunte Part-Time Faculty, Nursing215-504-8500
Ext. 6892
Penn Hall 438vera.kunte
Mary Lannetti Professor, Nursing(215) 968-8323
Ext. 8323
Penn Hall 433Mary.Bobbie
Diane Lehman Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6102
Gymnasium 105Diane.Lehman
Linda Lynch-McKenna Professor, Nursing(215) 968-8322
Ext. 8322
Penn Hall 435Linda.Lynch-McKenna
Lisa Manheim Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6649
Linksz Pavillion 207Lisa.Manheim
Mary Manual Instructor, Nursing(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6642
Penn Hall 426Mary.Manual
Kathleen McInerney Part-Time Faculty, Nursing215-504-8500
Ext. 6342
Penn Hall 438kathleen.mcinerney
Clarence Monta Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6314
Linksz Pavillion 207chaunce.monta
Maureen Murt Instructor, Nursing215-968-8331
Ext. 8331
Penn Hall 449Maureen.Murt
Bridget O'Malley Part-Time Faculty215-968-8000
Ext. 6321
Penn Hall 438Bridget.OMalley
Tina Permar Health and Fitness Coordinator215-968-8447
Ext. 8447
Gymnasium Tina.Vandermeiren
Jean Petrilack Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6477
Penn Hall 438Jean.Petrilack
Patricia Poserina Part-Time Instructor215-968-8327 Penn Hall 438Patricia.Poserina
Judithann Robbins Full-Time Faculty215-968-8329 Penn Hall 434judy.robbins
Leah Robinson Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6023
Gymnasium 105Leah.Robinson
Marilyn Schwartz Part-Time Faculty, Nursing  Penn Hall 438marilyn.schwartz
Christopher Smallwood Part-Time Instructor215-504-8500
Ext. 6219
Penn Hall 438Christopher.Smallwood
Cynthia Smith Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6778
Ann Marie Strecker Associate Professor, Nursing(215) 968-8318
Ext. 8318
Penn Hall 443Ann.Strecker
John Stroffolino Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6446
Lori Sullivan Part-Time Faculty(215) 968-8443
Ext. 8443
Linksz Pavillion 204Lori.Sullivan
Rosemary Tamblyn Professor Emeritus, Nursing(215) 968-8193
Ext. 8193
Penn Hall 438Rosemary.Tamblyn
Gretchen Thame-Salley Lab Manager215-968-8438
Ext. 8438
Penn Hall 438Agretchen.thame-sulley
Linda Treglia Assistant Professor(215) 504-8551
Ext. 8551
Linksz Pavillion 203Linda.Treglia
Carole Weyant Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6320
Penn Hall 438Carole.Weyant
Jan Wierenga Associate Professor, Nursing(215) 968-8085
Ext. 8085
Penn Hall 426Jan.Wierenga
Linda Wortell Part-Time Faculty(215) 504-8500
Ext. 6634
Penn Hall 438Linda.Wortell

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