Counseling Services

Counseling Services(215) 968-8031 Ext. 8031Rollins 1st Fl
Christine Hagedorn
Assistant Dean, Advising and Student Planning
(215) 968-8034 Ext. 8034
Rollins 1st -16
Ms. Dekia Smith
Director, Counseling
215-968-8100 Ext. 8139
Rollins 13
Katharine Hazlett
Administrative Assistant, Assistant Dean, Student Services
(215) 504-8645 Ext. 8645
Rollins 1st-9A
Karen Demmler Faculty Counselor215-504-8500
Ext. 6178
Rollins 20Karen.Demmler
Lesya Donets Faculty Counselor215-504-8500
Ext. 6526
Rollins 20Lesya.Donets
Christina Fogle Administrative Assistant(215) 968-8081
Ext. 8081
Rollins DeskChristina.Fogle
Jim Gilligan Faculty Counselor(215) 968-8476
Ext. 8476
Rollins 1st -20James.Gilligan
Vicki Mansure Faculty Counselor(215)504-8500
Ext. 6581
Rollins 26Vicki.Mansure
Mandy Reilly Faculty Counselor(215) 968-8196
Ext. 8196
Rollins 1st -22Mandy.Reilly

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