Reporting sexual assaults to Security and Safety

The Office of Security & Safety takes the well-being of our students very seriously. Therefore, we recommend that sexual assaults be reported immediately by calling the emergency telephone number 215-968-8395 or visiting Security & Safety in Cottage 4 on the Newtown campus.

Here is what to expect:

  • The Director or Assistant Director of Security & Safety will meet with you in a private setting.
  • A statement will be taken from you regarding what occurred.
  • You will be asked to identify your assailant(s) or describe them if they are not known.
  • Questions may be asked about the scene of the crime, potential witnesses, as well as what happened before and after the incident.
  • These inquiries are a standard part investigation. If you wish, you may have a support person with you during the interview.

In cases involving felonies or violent crimes (which encompasses most types of sexual assault), we are obligated to notify the local police that a crime has been reported to us. Victims are encouraged to cooperate with law enforcement in such cases. Depending on your preference, it may be possible for you to make a statement to College Security and the local police at the same time. However, reporting an incident is a separate step from choosing to prosecute. When you file a report you are not obligated to continue with legal proceedings or college disciplinary action. As a victim, you control whether or not the case is adjudicated through the college system, the criminal justice system or both.


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