Campus Sexual Assault Victims’ Bill of Rights

Bucks County Community College will act swiftly to protect the rights of all its members. Students who have been sexually assaulted have a variety of campus and area resources that are available to them. The College supports the victim’s right to choose which avenues of assistance are most appropriate. These resources include: the Title IX Coordinator, Office of Security and Safety, to whom all crimes (including sexual assaults) should be reported, the Student Life office, Counseling Services, the Dean of Student Affairs, the local police agency with jurisdiction, NOVA – Network of Victim Assistance, and the emergency department of the local hospital. Individuals who have been sexually assaulted have the following rights:

  • To be treated with dignity.
  • To be treated in a confidential manner consistent with applicable legal requirements.
  • To contact local police and/or the district attorney to report the crime. Bucks County Community College will assist the student in notifying proper law enforcement officials, if requested.
  • To be informed of mental health counseling services on campus or in the community.
  • To be free from pressure to not report the crime or to report it as a lesser offense.
  • To be transported to the nearest medical facility approved for the collection of sexual assault evidence.
  • To be informed of any federal or state rights to test sexual assault suspects for communicable diseases.
  • To choose whether or not to have the case adjudicated through the College system, the criminal justice system, or both concurrently.
  • To have the same opportunities for representation as the accused, and to have others present in campus proceedings.
  • To be informed about the outcome of any investigation will be provided by the Title IX Coordinator, including any disciplinary action against the accused.
  • To be afforded alternative class assignment or working arrangement, and other assistance if requested and reasonably available.
  • To be given a copy of the College’s Sexual and Gender Based Misconduct Policy. Individuals have the right to have any questions about College policy and the College judicial process answered.


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