Data Collection Opt-Out Notice

Starting June 2012, Bucks County Community College is required to submit specific data about each student to the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Pennsylvania Information Management System (PIMS) unless you tell us not to by completing the Postsecondary Data Collection Opt-Out Form.  The link to this form follows:

Data will be collected three times a year and you are required to complete an on-line Opt-Out form for each data collection period.  In addition, you are required to complete a form for each college you attended during the data collection period.  For example, if you attended classes during Fall 2011, Intersession 2012, or Spring 2012 and you prefer not to have your information forwarded to the PDE, you must complete the opt out form by May 11, 2012.  If you attended XXX University during Fall 11 and Bucks during the Intersession, you must complete an Opt-Out form for each institution.

For your information, a PDF file is attached that contains all of the data to be forwarded to PDE unless you complete the Opt-Out form.  Remember, you must submit a separate form for each institution that you attended during the collection term.  The following are the opt out deadlines for each of the data collection terms:

  • May 11, 2012 for the Spring Collection (Fall 2011, Intersession 2012, Spring 2012).
    • For future Spring Collections (Fall, Intersession, Spring) the deadline is April 15
  • August 1 to Opt-Out of the Summer Collection
  • December 1 to Opt-Out of the Fall/Intersession Collection

Specific information about the Opt-Out procedure is at the bottom of this page.

In Summary

  1. Bucks is required to submit student level data to PIMS unless you opt-out by completing the online Opt-Out form.
  2. If you choose to opt out, you must complete an Opt-Out form two months before every data collection period.  If you fail to complete an Opt-Out form for a data collection period, your information will be automatically forward to PIMS.
  3. You must complete an Opt-Out form for each institution you attended during the data collection period.

If you have any questions, please contact Christine Boyle, Executive Direction of Research and Assessment at 215-968-8058